What we're about

What is it?

A series of hands-on free and paid (unofficial) workshops that focus on Adobe XD and UX design for mobile and desktop devices.

Who is it for?

Beginners who love design but don’t have the means to attend school. Working designers of any discipline who want jump into user experience and interaction design.

Why is it?

All the great hands-on UX-related workshops are not accessible for most working people. They're needs to be more affordable 'night school' options for design education. This is my contribution to that movement.

What are we going to do exactly?

Lots and lots of sketching, analysing, experimenting, discussing, and working in teams on real and mock design problems.

Where we going to meet?

I've found several inspiring co-working spaces Downtown and on the Westside that are perfect for our seminar format. Where we meet will depend on what’s easiest for our members.

Who are you?

I'm a guy who loves to think about strategy and user experience trapped in a graphic designer's body and I want out. I want this for myself, but I couldn't find anyone doing it. So as Seth Godin says "Don't wait around to be picked. Pick yourself."

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