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What we’re about

"This group is operated by (Advanced Debaters) (August 24, 2021)."

Do you love a good debate? 

Advanced Debaters Toastmasters (ADTM). We welcome all guests and Toastmasters who are interested in the art of debate and welcome being challenged on our testimony, beliefs and research from all skills levels. As a member of ADTM you will:

• Learn how to present with evidence and logic.

• Learn how to cross-examine your debate opponents.

• Learn how to refute arguments and close a debate effectively.

• Learn how to take notes and “flow” in a debate.

• Learn how to win with humility, accept defeat gracefully and overcome challenges.

• Research controversial topics and acknowledge different ideologies and ways of life.

• May assume positions contrary to your own personal beliefs to truly empathize one another.

• Have a private debate; where recording is only for the debater at the request of the debater.

• Learn how to organize a debate tournament with Single Elimination, Double Elimination and Round Robin.

• Debate fellow Toastmasters around the world in a Tournament Bracket System.

• Judge debates using “Tabula Rasa” or “blank slate”; putting aside your biases to discern only with the information provided.

• May volunteer to serve our youth in High Schools and Colleges as a functionary in debate leagues.

• Be part of a club established in 2014 with District 46. Perfect 10 club since 2017, featured in Toastmasters Magazine and a Golden Gavel club in 2021.

No prerequisites needed, just a willingness to empathize, grow and persevere. We meet twice a month, 6:30pm EST on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays and we alternate between regular speech meetings and full debates. Our website is and feel free to send an inquiry for our our Zoom meeting link (3rd option under the main menu on our website). All are welcome and thank you for your interest!