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You are about to join the Best Meetup group ever. Get ready to meet awesome people and go on some cool Outdoor Adventures.

From hiking to water sports (wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing...) and even paragliding, survivor island...

With us, you won't get bored!

By the way, this group is organized by Miller & Mariane a couple passionate by traveling and trying new experiences! They're also the founders of M2adventure, the biggest Outdoor community in Shanghai.

Enough talking. Just check out our pictures ⬇️ ⬇️



Wakeboard & Windsurfing


Mountain Hike


Canyoning & River Hike




Great Wall


Ski and Snowboarding


Yellow Mountain



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Upcoming events (4+)

【May 21-22】Wild GreatWall Hike, Camp & BBQ on top!

Needs a location

Wild Great Wall

May 21-22

Let's Hike & Camp

on the Wild Great Wall


M2adventure brings you to the "Wild" part of the Great Wall, which is the most challenging and authentic part. Almost untouched for more than 800 years, with a great view!

⚠️ Challenging hike.

Not recommended for people afraid of heights!


⛰ Explore & hike on the Wild Part of the Great Wall

⛺️ Camp a night on the mystic Great Wall


1100 RMB


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Great Wall, Beijing, China

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1987, the Great Wall is rightfully one of the greatest wonders of the world!

This fortification which is approximately 21,000 kilometers winds from east to west of China with the most famous sections around the Beijing area.

Having a history of over 2000 years, some sections which are naturally in ruins make up the “wild” part of the Great Wall - exactly the place that we are going to experience!

Difficulty level: Medium/high
Please be aware of the difficulty of this trip before booking. This trip is only suitable for people who are relatively fit, not afraid of height, and looking for a challenge. This hike is not a climbing trip but some parts are very steep and similar to low-level bouldering as we need to use the hand to help go up.


Meeting Point:

Shanghai ppl: Shanghai Railway Station

Beijing ppl: Beijing Railway Station

Day 1

20:45 Gather at Shanghai Railway Station.

21:25 Take the overnight train from Shanghai > Beijing.

Day 2.

09:20 Meetup at Beijing Railway Station.

We will stay 20min at the train station so you can grab a quick breakfast if you'd like (Mc Donalds/Starbucks) and then jump in our bus to get to the Wild Great Wall.

The drive will be about 3 to 4 hours depending on traffic.

13:00 We will have lunch at the guesthouse.

Before leaving you to have the possibility to leave your personal things (clothes, tents,…) for porters to carry (*extra cost)

14:00 Time to start our Adventure on the Wild part of the Great Wall. Get ready for some magnificent views and taking a lot of pictures & videos!

First, we will walk up for about 45min to reach the Great Wall. Then we will be following the Great Wall up and downs for about 4 hours to reach our cool camping spot! Some parts are pretty steep and you will most likely use your hands a lot 😝

17:00 By that time, we will arrive at the camping site, gather wood, start the campfire and have a warm cooked meal delivered by porters!

Camping ppl:Choose your favorite spot to set up your tent & get ready to spend an unusual & unforgettable night!

Guesthouse ppl:After dinner, the guide will accompany you to the guesthouse (hike another 30 minutes) where you will spend the night.

Day 3


Guesthouse ppl: After breakfast, you will hike 30mins with the guide to join the rest of the team.

Camping ppl: Time to get up 😎 Have breakfast (bring your own), pack your tent and get ready for more Adventure.

Today, we will keep exploring the Wild Great Wall, walking up and down the wall again. The goal is to reach the highest watchtower in this region before 12 pm!

In the end, we will walk down for 45 min to leave the wall and head back to the guesthouse.

12:30 Reach the guesthouse for lunch and head back to Beijing. We should arrive in Beijing city center around 5pm.

It’s the end of an amazing weekend you’ll probably remember for the rest of your life!

*Note that this itinerary is for referral only. Actual timing might be flexible depending on the weather or other organizational factors.


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【May 22】1d Horse Riding + Farm Visit on Hengsha Island

Needs a location

How about horse riding 🐴

on a peaceful Island ?!😌

1 day getaway to chill in nature 🌱

do horse riding 🐴

feed the horses,

Visit the local organic farm

and enjoy nice scenery and countryside life 🌅

Beginner friendly, Family with Teens Friendly!


🐎 Amazing Horse Riding with a wild experience

😁 Feed and brush young horses

🏞 Chill in the local farm, try different activities


550 RMB


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Hengsha Island, Chongming, Shanghai

Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River in Eastern China, Hengsha Island is the smallest compared with Chongming and Changxing nearby.


Meeting & Drop off Point: Zhongshan Park Metro Station exit 8 of line 2 * Crossroad Kaixuan Road and Changning Road 凯旋路长宁路.


08:45 M2 Team Leaders are waiting for you at Zhongshan Park Metro Station Exit 8 of Line 2. Leaving at 09:00 sharp.

10:30 Arrive at the port and take a ferry (10 mins) to go to the Hengsha island. We will then drive to the horseriding club

11:15 Arrive at the club and get our gears. The intructor will then give a simple intro on how to ride horse and give some tips.

We will first interact with the horses to get to know them and warm up in the enclosed area.

Notes: If there is more than 10ppl, we will separate into 2 groups for the riding part (max 10 ppl each group).

12:00 Let's go! Horse riding 7km in the wild! The ride will be around 1h and the instructor will lead us through.

Meanwhile, group 2 can try other activities like karting or boating (on your own cost) or feeding horses, or just walk around in the nice resort.

13:00 Group 2's time to do horseback riding! Group 1 then can have a rest and enjoy nature or try karting or boating!

15:00 We will then head to a beautiful local organic farm nearby and chill there for a while. You can buy a coffee there if you'd like or just walk around to see the plants they growed and see animals like rabbits, goats, and black goose!

17:00 Get ready for our journey back to Shanghai

19:00 Estimate time of arrival in Shanghai (might be different depending on traffic).

*Note that this itinerary is for referral only. Actual timing might be flexible depending on the weather, traffic or other organizational factors.


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【May28-29】7 Peaks, your next challenge are calling!

Needs a location

7 Peaks

May 28/29

Your mission if you accept it:

50km 🚶

3500m total elevation ⤴

25+ hours non-stop hiking 👣

So? What do you say? 😜


Tian Mu Mountain 7 Peaks Trail is considered the BEST Long Distance Hike in East China but also has stunning views along the way.

⚠️ Challenging hike.

Not recommended

for first-time hikers.

✅ No quarantine

✅ No Health QR code color change

✅ No Covid test needed


💪 Achieve a great Challenge!

🏞 Hike through the unique 7 Peaks

🔥 Complain about your feet around the bonfire


799 RMB


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Tianmu Mountain, Zhejiang Province

7 Peaks Trail is considered the BEST long-distance Hike in East China! It is famous among Chinese senior hikers for its length and the challenge it presents. As the view is great but the pain will likely even greater 😝

West Tianmu Mountain Peak 1506 Meters →King of Dragon Summit 1587m→King of Medicine Summit 1551m→Qianmu summit 1554→Tonghang gang summit 1503→Looking up Sky Summit 1248m→East TianMu mountain Summit 1479m

This trip is NOT suitable for beginners!

if you're not sure about your physical ability, please consult with M2 team.


Meeting Point:M2 Team Leaders will be welcoming you at Zhongshan Park Metro Station exit 8 of line 2 * Crossroad Kaixuan Road and Changning Road 凯旋路长宁路.

Private Coach | 5h

2 Guesthouses | Shared 2ppl

Only need to carry a day pack.

Day 1


18:30 Thank God It’s Friday and we’re going the Hell Out Of Shanghai :D We are waiting for you at Zhongshan Park! Everyone’s here? Time to go!

00:00 We’re here, go to sleep, tomorrow is gonna be a long day 💤

Day 2


05:30 Well the First Challenge is to wake up 😂 but you can do it!

06:00 After breakfast, we will drive to the starting point.

We said it wouldn’t be easy, today we will conquer 6 of the 7 Peaks! Will be at least a 12-13 hours hike.

The trail follows the mountain between woods and rocks, up and down, up and down and up and down again.

Some parts are a bit muddy, some are a bit steep (downhill)... The first 3 peaks got awesome views, the next 3 are much tougher to conquer!

During the breaks, don’t forget to eat high-energy snacks to keep going!

18:30 Wow, never been so happy to see the guesthouse! What a day! 😍

19:30 We know you're starving! Dinner is ready, time to eat! 🍲

Day 3


05:30 Wakie wakie, breakfast’s ready!

06:00 Another day, another challenge.

Today, we will conquer the last Peak. Just 1 peak left but also the longest… It will take us another 7/8 hours, so get ready!

12:00 Reach the top where we can enjoy the amazing view and maybe a micro nap to relax our legs

14:30 You did it! Congratulations! Let’s go back to Shanghai now.

20:00 Home sweet home... 🤩

*Note that this itinerary is for referral only. Actual timing might be flexible depending on the weather or other organizational factors.


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- 799 RMB

【June Holiday】Inner Mongolia Desert hike, sleep in Yurt!

Needs a location

✨ 4 Days Trip ✨

June 2 to 5

Welcome to Tengger Desert, a seriously wild spot in Inner Mongolia. Covering 36700 square kilometers, this is one of China's North West vast open spaces.

🌵 Desert lake & Oasis - Many lakes and Oasis we will pass by, walk on grassland and see the life in Oasis.

🏜 Desert - The Tengger Desert is the 4th biggest desert in China. You can witness the endless desert scenery through-out the hike.

🔥Bonfire Party with a Sky full of Stars - Imagine the biggest fire of the night with a bunch of cool people dancing and partying all night.

🍖 The Food - Ningxia Mutton is famous for being featured in the TV Show - A bite of China (舌尖上的中国). The sheep eat herbal medicines such as licorice and medlar, so its meat is tender and doesn't have a strong smell.

⛰ Hiking - 3 days hiking, 53km desert Hike (including 5km grassland hike). Experience traveling in the desert.

For booking, add us on


Trip Overview

◻️ Day 1: Arrival - Yinchuan

◻️ Day 2: Desert Hiking

🥾 Hike: 16km hike on flat or low sandhill

Highlight: Swan Lake Camp, bonfire & fireworks

◻️ Day 3: Desert Hiking

🥾Hike: 26km on high sandhill; 5km on grassland

Highlight: visit the Suhai Lake, Wulan Lake, Sun Lake and Oasis; sleep in a Yurt

◻️ Day 4: Desert Hike & Departure

🥾Hike: 11km chill hike

Highlight: the Moon Lake; sliding sandhills

✈️ Airport transfer.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1

Arrival - Yinchuan

Today is arrival day in Yinchuan 😊

Welcome to Yinchuan, the capital city of Ningxia Autonomous Zone. We will meet you at Yinchuan Hotel.

If you arrive early, you can visit the Western Xia Imperial Tombs and China West Film Studio, or check many nice Mosques in the city (optional).

At night, let's gather and have a group dinner in a nice local restaurant (optional).

🛌 Accommodation: Hotel in Yinchuan

🍚 Meals: /

Day 2

Desert Hiking

After breakfast, let's depart to Alashan Zuoqi. We will be having our lunch first before hiking.

Are you ready for the stunning scenery? Let's start our hike of the day! We will be heading towards Swan Lake camp. After arriving, we set up our tent and have a quick rest. Oh btw don't forget to catch the sunset.

For today's dinner, we will be rewarded with the best local food! Eating the famous and delicious lamb meat mixed with veggies.

After dinner, it's time for a bonfire party! As the fire gone out, you will see a sky full of stars, and amazing fireworks

🛌 Accommodation: Tent

🍚 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

🥾 Hike: ~16km on flat or low sandhills (3-5meters) at a relaxed pace.

Day 3

Desert Hiking

You can wake up earlier to catch the sunrise, if not, feel free to sleep-in 🌃

Time to start our hike after breakfast. Today we will be visiting Suhai Lake, Wulan Lake, Sun Lake and Oasis on the way. So impressive! And I haven't even mentioned how amazing the sand dunes look like.

We'll stop by to have lunch at Suhai Lake and then continue hiking to our base camp for tonight - the Sun Lake Camp. Tonight we will have the chance to spend the night in a Mongolian Yurt! Such a memorable experience.

After dinner time, time to relax and chitchat around the bonfire, or hide in our warm Yurt beds!

🛌 Accommodation: Yurt

🍚 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

🥾 Hike: ~26km. Of which ~5km on grasslands of the lakes, rest on high sand dunes (5-7 meters)

Day 4

Desert Hiking - Departure

You can wake up earlier to catch the sunrise, if not, feel free to sleep-in 🌃

Our last hike of the trip will be overlooking the Moon Lake. Today is gonna be an exciting day for us, one of the highlights is climbing a couple of high sandhills of 30-50meters, and using the slide to go down (just like snowboarding). And you can see great view and bird-eye desert view on the top. Truly Amazing!!!

After arriving at the ending point of our hike. It's time to have lunch and then drive back to Yinchuan.

You can book your return flight preferably after 7pm.

🛌 Accommodation: /

🍚 Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

🥾 Hike: ~11km

Note that this itinerary is for referral only. Actual timing might be flexible depending on the weather or other organizational factors.

Dates & Price

Date: June 2 to 5

Price: 3299rmb

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MOGANSHAN【May 14】1D Bamboo Forest Hike!

Needs a location

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