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Welcome to the Adventure, Fun, & Social in the City Meetup Group
This group is for those who love life and living it to the fullest. It’s for those who enjoy or want to meet new great people, have fun, travel, as well as for those who also enjoy any of the following: dinner evenings, picnics, lunch outings, theatre, weekends away, nature, friendship, hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, scuba diving, the arts, music, nature, the outdoors, cultures, languages, philosophy, reading, trying new and interesting things, meeting new people, just hanging out with others... and other cool stuff.
The name Adventure, Fun, & Social in the City for the Meetup group is intended to give a feel that this is a group intent on having fun, enjoying life, not being too serious about life, having a great time, being youthful, playing (letting the inner child in us out), and creating a platform for its members to have an all round great time.
Why join? This is where the fun begins! AND we are a great group of people where you'll feel at home and make friends easily.
We'll meet as often as you come along to our stunning events, more if you want! Looking forward to meeting you and seeing you at our exciting events!
Remember - "Today was made for me and my endeavors’. I am the maker of what transpires for me today and forever after” Seize the moment, join, and come have the time of your life with us.
Warm regards
Steve Krummeck

Upcoming events (4+)

Sun Downers - Sky Villa, Breath Taking Setting & Ocean Views (Plettenberg Bay)

Sky Villa Boutique Hotel

Join us for sundowners (or just a cuppa coffee) at this breath-taking venue.

Spectacular decor and ocean views from the terrace by the pool (where we'll gather).

Those who feel like a bite to eat will be able to order on the terrace.

Only one guest per attendee. Additional guests should join this Meetup group and then add themselves to this Meetup event.

Meeting time and place will be sent to all on the yes list.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Steve Krummeck

About Sky Villa
A world-leading luxury destination for hospitality, weddings, wine and art in an unrivaled setting. Welcome to Sky Villa.

Stumbling upon an unexpected discovery is one of the true joys of travelling, and perched on a hilltop overlooking the entire, beautiful Plettenberg Bay, is our home of Sky Villa.

A passion project of the highest order, this boutique hotel delivers on opulence, striking design and offers five-star facilities with warm hospitality that ensures a wholly unique experience for all those we have the pleasure of hosting.

Sky Villa Boutique Hotel offers unrivaled tranquility and as the names alludes to, 360 degree views of the ocean as well as Keurbooms lagoon from its elevation base of Baron Estate. Offering the ultimate escape, designed with the discerning global traveler in mind and seamlessly blending warm hospitality with cutting edge interior design, a stay in one of our Sky Villa suites is an unforgettable experience.

Spectacular Beach Sunrise & Short Walk - Plettenberg Bay

Keurbooms Beach

Witness the marvel and breath-taking sun-rise from the exquisite Keurbooms beach. Sunrise is at 5:38am.

Nothing like the wonder of watching a sun-rise on the beach. Its invigorating and uplifts one's spirits in a profound manner.

Once the sun has come up we'll take a short walk (Approximately 3km, before the intense heat of the day arrives) along the beach to the left of Enrico's (Enrico's behind you and the ocean in front of you), and then coming back, to the right of Enrico's. This is a magnificent walk, turquoise ocean on the one side, and forests on the other.

Join our wonderful members for yet another magical experience, creating unforgettable memories.

Feel free to bring along some snacks and drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, rusks, etc, and something cool for when it warms up once the sun rises.

Looking forward to sharing this beautiful, power moment with you.

See you there.

Sundowner at Chicago's Randpark Ridge

Chicagos Piano Bar

This is a repeat of our sundowner event to get together for a drink, listen to live music, perhaps have some food and mingle. If you have some energy left after a week's work, then bring your dancing shoes as well.

I will book at table next to the stair's entrance, on the left.

You are joining this event at your own risk. Adhere to Covid19 regulations. Entry to the venue is free. Drink and food purchases are at your own cost.

Beautiful Rugpad Trail & Lunch - Includes Beaches & Forests (Plettenberg Bay)

Saint Michaels Avenue

Rugpad Trail via Salt River- Join our wonderful, friendly members on this very pretty 12.9km hike adjacent to Natures Valley.

The hike is rated moderate to difficult and only suitable for fit, regular hikers.

This is a well worthwhile hike as its been rated 4.4 out of 5 by folks who have walked the route previously.

This Meetup event is only open to those who add themselves to this events attendee list. Only one guest per attendee. Additional guests should join the Meetup group, then add themselves to the event attendee list.

Join us for lunch at the restaurant across the road from the hike start point, after the hike. This is such a fun way to end off the hike.

Meetup message me your cell number (if I don't have it already) so that the meeting time and place, a map to the hike, and a map of the hike can be sent to you via WhatsApp.

What to bring -
Your snacks for the hike, good quality walking shoes, two litres of water, sun hat, insect repellent, clothes for all four seasons, and something to keep you dry just in case it rains.

Meeting time and logistics will be e-mailed to all on the attendee list a couple of days before the event.

Please take note of the indemnity below.

Looking forward to sharing another memory filled morning with you.

Steve Krummeck

By adding myself to this Meetup events attendee list, I do hereby indemnify Steven Wright Krummeck, Meetup, and/or it’s representative/s, against all loss or injury while hiking, and or taking part in any Meetup event, and or traveling to or from Meetup events, or while involved in any Meetup activity.

I hereby indemnify and safeguard Steven Wright Krummeck, Meetup, and its members against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever which may be instituted, brought or sent, or may be incurred or be payable by Steven Wright Krummeck / Meetup, arising out of or in connection with the destruction of or damage to any property, death, bodily harm, loss of health or illness howsoever caused or alleged to have been caused by or as a result of any act, omission by the Meetup event participant and/or the Meetup events participants parents, and/or guardian arising out of participation by the Meetup event participant in any Meetup event, and associated activities therein.

By marking myself as an attendee to this event I acknowledge that I understand and will abide by the provisions of the declaration above and hold myself bound thereby.

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