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Welcome to the Adventure, Fun, & Social in the City Meetup Group


This group is for those who love life and living it to the fullest. It’s for those who enjoy or want to meet new great people, have fun, travel, as well as for those who also enjoy any of the following: dinner evenings, picnics, lunch outings, theatre, weekends away, nature, friendship, hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, scuba diving, the arts, music, nature, the outdoors, cultures, languages, philosophy, reading, trying new and interesting things, meeting new people, just hanging out with others... and other cool stuff.

The name Adventure, Fun, & Social in the City for the Meetup group is intended to give a feel that this is a group intent on having fun, enjoying life, not being too serious about life, having a great time, being youthful, playing (letting the inner child in us out), and creating a platform for its members to have an all round great time.

Why join? This is where the fun begins! AND we are a great group of people where you'll feel at home and make friends easily.

We'll meet as often as you come along to our stunning events, more if you want! Looking forward to meeting you and seeing you at our exciting events!

Remember - "Today was made for me and my endeavors’. I am the maker of what transpires for me today and forever after” Seize the moment, join, and come have the time of your life with us.

Warm regards

Steve Krummeck

Upcoming events (5+)

The Croc (Blue Hills)

The Croc

Join Colé van dais for relaxing afternoon as she does a solo session of live singing between 2pm and 5pm.

Brunch - Great venue, tasty food, vibrant atmosphere

Jackson’s Real Food Market Bryanston

Enjoy a tasty brunch with our very special Meetup members. A morning filled with laughter, friendship, and a great ambiance.

Love Birds Singles Party!

Love Me So

What? It's the perfect icebreaker!!! Okay... So how does it work? Everyone gets a picture of a pair of love birds... Mingle while trying to find the person of the opposite sex that has your matching pair of love birds, getting to meet loads of eligible singles in the process... Once you find your matching pair of love birds you get entered into the raffle. Then grab another picture of love birds and find your next match. This event is not rigid or structured. You can relax and mingle at your own pace. It's fun, there's no pressure and you can talk to whomever you like for as long as you like. The event allows for you to be as forward as you like - work the room like the social animal you are or stand back and let people come to you! It works great both ways and ensures you meet as many new people as possible during the evening! Prizes? The more you mingle, the more people you'll meet and matches you'll get thereby increasing your chances of winning a great cash prize at the end of the game! The first couple to match will win a prize, and after that each correct match will get you entered into the raffle! Age group? Open age. Price? R160 each. Payment needed in advance. ***Email me directly to secure your spot and for payment details - [masked]

Spring Festival - Food, Fun, Competitions & Prizes, Live Artists & More

A day of fun in the sun with great music and food, live singing performances, competitions and prizes, activities on the Vaal River, Bikini Competition (especially for the gents), and MUCH more. Line up for the day and cost will be announced closer to the time. Another trend setter event you want to be a part of. See you there. Steve Krummeck

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Ask Me Anything Singles Party!

The Artisan Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

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