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Welcome to the Human Potential Project, a Copenhagen-local Adventure Awake ( experience.

Adventure Awake is an internationally recognized self-development business which guides leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers to tap into their innate human capacity for innovation through bespoke transformational experiences.

The Human Potential Project is a concept that serves to ignite a new conversation right here in Copenhagen around what is possible for humans in a world with a lot of perceived obstacles.

The rise of technology especially has left us more disconnected as humans than ever before, and we aim to change that by hosting engaging and human potential-evoking events around town that will rebalance the scale, and leave our guests clearer about their own purpose, willing to push the edges of their own resiliency, and ultimately, to discover their own inherent capabilities for creativity. After all, that is our rite of passage, no matter where we come from.

We are, first and foremost, humanists. That means that while we will no doubt host disruptive events that talk about gender, immigration, sexuality, faith, and more, the aim of those conversations is to learn to connect despite our differences in opinion, preferences, judgments, and lifestyles; to get down to the core of our human selves, and build back up from there.

We are not activists in the traditional sense of the word, but we ARE on a mission to have every person we meet know what's possible for themselves, based entirely on their own unique gifts.

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