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Adjust & Aerospike Berlin Meetup

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Sebastian E.
Adjust & Aerospike Berlin Meetup


This evening is all about networking and learning about topics such as Big Data, NoSQL, Infrastructure, Kubernetes, Cloud Native, DevOps. Feel free to join and be part of building and forming the Berlin community around these topics!
Developer advocates from Adjust and Aerospike will discuss
how to address today's toughest real-time data challenges. Aerospike will explain why efficiency and scalability are the holy grail of today's software development - and Adjust will give real world examples from one of the highest performance AdTech platforms in the world.

Scaling Aerospike: Lessons for Data-Intensive Application Developers by Behrad Babee (Aerospike)
Efficiency and Scalability are the holy grail of software development. As one of the world’s most performant and scalable databases, the Aerospike codebase is a gold mine of valuable lessons for curious software developers. This talk reveals some of these interesting design decisions and patterns.

Tasty food and drinks will be provided.

Saarbrücker Str. 37A, 3rd Floor · Berlin, BE


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Aerospike Berlin Developers
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