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Africans Give Back is a group for like-minded people who wants to support the development of communities in African countries but are unsure where to start or feel that their efforts may be too small to make an impact. As a collective we will be able to pull of our resources together to make a meaningful impact, making use of our lived experiences, professional skills, corporate contacts and wide-ranging knowledge. Members will be able to discuss topics (e.g. the successes and shortcomings of foreign aid in African countries), share ideas (e.g. how we decide which communities to help and how to help them) and implement strategies (e.g. getting our resources from to our target communities with maximum impact). We are actively recruiting people from the African diaspora, but we welcome anyone whose values are in alignment with the group's.

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Meet and Greet in Ghana - The Next Step

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Music for Liberia Charity Concert

St. Gabriel's, Pimlico

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