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In May 2021, Georgie Lee (award winning designer and anti-age stereotype campaigner) and Gerontologist and age innovator Ella Moonan-Howard are launching a new community and podcast: Age on Trial

Speaking to expert witnesses, researchers, business leaders and real people with a wealth of lived experience, Georgie and Ella are going to question the relevance of our chronological age in our day to day lives. In a world where the 100 year life is fast becoming a reality, we want to find out what does being 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 and more really mean? Shining a lens on diverse topics, from happiness to fitness, style to sustainability and education to activism. Each six-episode mini series will ask:

> What has age really got to do with it?

> What will our future look like?

> How are new technologies and research shaping this future?

The final episode of each episode will conclude with a public jury who will listen to the experts, and, combined with their personal ageing experiences come up with a final verdict to what age has really got to do with the topic of the series. If you are part of this meetup you will have the opportunity to feature in our jury episode for that series, and to keep updated with our movement and community.

If you are fed-up of tired age-based stereotypes, from ' naïve snowflake', to 'balling boomer' then get involved, hopefully we will together find some credible alternatives to what ageing in the 21st century can mean for us all.

Each 'public Jury' episode will be advertised on Meetup and you will be able to find all the previous episodes at our website http://www.ageontrial.com or wherever you like to tune in to your podcasts.

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