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Aggregate Intellect ( https://ai.science/ ) is an AI-accelerated knowledge discover platform helping you learn technical AI concepts on our platform & gain hands-on experience through our ML Product Workshop Competitions.

Building successful products using emerging technologies like AI is becoming increasingly harder, given the exponential growth in research, engineering and product resources that practitioners have to keep up with.

Aggregate Intellect uses AI to enable developers to quickly discover, learn from, and leverage relevant resources as they build their commercial products. Unlike other solutions, our platform directly integrates into the product development workflow, providing a significantly more engaging and relevant learning experience. We aim to provide an essential toolkit for industry teams to enable them to build more successful innovative products faster, and better.


• Learn & compete in an upcoming ML Product Workshop Challenge ( https://ai.science/challenges )

• Learn on our platform ( https://ai.science/ )

• Join our Slack Community ( https://join.slack.com/t/aisc-to/shared_invite/zt-f5zq5l35-PSIJTFk4v60FML177PgsPg )

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