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This group is run and manage by agile 30 group members. Group of 30 learners from agile software development field to share and learn all about agile and related practices. Members of core group are aspiring to become good agile coach and teacher.

Agile 30 is a Scrum Alliance user group, run and manage by Naveen Kumar Singh. You can read more about Naveen on his personal website (Agilemania).

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Spice up your retrospectives

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As a member of Scrum Team I want to leverage the Sprint Retrospective So that the team benefits from continuous improvements Sprint Retrospective is an important Inspect and Adapt event for the Scrum Team. This is where the Scrum Team looks back at the Sprint that went by and decides how they can improve the next sprint to be more valuable and enjoyable. However, more often than not I have observed that over a course of few sprints, team members start to dis-engage from Sprint Retrospective and that is because: They do not find any value in it The activity becomes so mundane that no one is interested in it. In this meet-up we would explore some of the most common, yet rarely used techniques that can spice up your retrospectives and keep the team members engaged. Facilitator: Piyush Rahate. Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScAlwYQfSWKI-GZrM33oR8OemVUAfitg1D-Kqe2aMCXQGqWDA/viewform

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