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This group is run and manage by agile 30 group members. Group of 30 learners from agile software development field to share and learn all about agile and related practices. Members of core group are aspiring to become good agile coach and teacher.

Agile 30 is a Scrum Alliance user group, run and manage by Naveen Kumar Singh. You can read more about Naveen on his personal website (Agilemania).

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Webinar on "Back to Basics of Agile & Scrum"

Online Webinar

Agile Software Development has been a buzzword in the IT industry for a while now and everybody agrees Agile is the way forward for organizations to be able to not just survive but also thrive in this VUCA world. In this session, we take a look at what is agile, what is the manifesto and what it means to be agile. Many a time, Scrum has been equated to Agile or at least mentioned in the same context of agile. So let’s explore a little more about Scrum and how it is relevant in the Agile context. The intent of this series is to better understand the Why behind Agile and Scrum, how they are connected and what it means to be an agile organization. Presenter: Preeth Pandalay. Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/7632168001222817803

Revisit Scrum Framework

Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi

Let’s start new year by revisiting what we have learned and experienced over the last year. It was a wonderful year for me and I am sure it was same for you. We are organising 150 minutes meetup after PSM and PSPO training on 19th evening to revisit Scrum framework. Agenda 5:30 to 8:00 - Revisiting Scrum Framework This is a 150 minutes workshop to clarify some of the myth and facts about Scrum. Will talk importance of Scrum elements covering roles, artifacts and events. This will help you to revisit your own processes and also an opportunity to clarify your doubts. Register here if you would like to join - https://goo.gl/forms/zxprMF0EIVXcAbfO2 Public schedule: - Advance Scrum Master (PSM II) - https://goo.gl/wpW8YP Professional Agile Leadership (PAL) - https://goo.gl/K4njxh Professional Scrum Master (PSM) - https://goo.gl/r5UeWU Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) - https://goo.gl/q8qXFa Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) - https://goo.gl/LpgjDY Certified LeSS Basics (CLB) - https://goo.gl/cRKtwM Enterprise Agile Coach (ICP-CAT) - https://goo.gl/fnxqeF Private workshop: - Essential Agile Leadership - https://goo.gl/TP2DvC Agile@Scale for Leaders - https://goo.gl/pTbiFx Regards, Naveen Kumar Singh Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) @Agilemania

Webinar on "Scrum Framework and Elements of Scrum"

Online Webinar

Objective of this webinar is to revisit the understanding of the Scrum framework and its 11 essentials i.e 3 Roles, 3 Artifacts and 5 Events. Participants of this webinar will gain a wider understanding of the “WHY” of these 11 essentials in the Framework and also how Scrum forms the basis of Agility. The Key Learning Objectives of the webinar shall be: 1. Product Development lies in Complex Zone and the best fit for complexity is Empiricism. 2. Empiricism is based on Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation as its key pillars. 3. Scrum is an empirical process framework where- · Every Role has clear accountability · Every Artifact is there to raise transparency and · Every event is an opportunity to Inspect and Adapt 4. Scrum framework rules and boundaries. 5. Definition of Done and Refinement as the key supporter of the Framework. Speaker: Sumeet Madan. Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/2789397624205281548

Webinar on 'Scrum Master Toolbox'

Online Webinar

A scrum master is the facilitator for an agile development team and provides essential benefits to enable success and remove obstacles. The participants attending this seminar will understand some of the challenges and tools/techniques which can be used by the Scrum Master in addressing the challenges encountered in transforming to Agile ways of working. Speaker: Sandeep Srini. Registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/2020426679310670860

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One day workshop on 'Enterprise Agile Coaching'

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