• Playing Lean Community Day Oslo

    Negentro BIT Hub

    Playing Lean 2, the new version of Playing Lean is out and available. Do you want a test ride? Come join our game night!

    If you're an experienced Playing Lean player, come to see all the new stuff:

    - Be AirBnB in the new hospitality scenario
    - Try the new special powers that companies can have
    - Check out the much improved company building experience

    If you haven't played the first version of Playing Lean, it's all the better!

    We'll sit down to play the game and that's it. No slides, just fun. The fastest learner wins!

  • Lean Startup Conference Live Streaming in Oslo


    Can't make it to San Francisco to the yearly Lean Startup Conference? Worry not! We will be streaming it live in Oslo.

    Program that you get to see live:


    Opening Remarks with Eric Ries


    The Art of the Start with Guy Kawasaki

    Entrepreneurial guru Guy Kawasaki, author of legendary books The Art of the Start (and the recently released Art of the Start 2.0) shares his wisdom about what it really means to be a startup, or have a startup mindset, in 2016.


    Treat Everyone Like It’s Their Birthday

    Caterina Rizzi

    “I feel great when I’m treated badly,” said no one ever. It’s a no-brainer that great companies treat their customers and their employees well, but what does that mean exactly? Breather Co-Founder and CCO Caterina Rizzi talks about why gratitude is the secret sauce to creating a strong, vibrant culture and company. At Breather, they’ve built empathy, humility, and service into their core brand values and have found that the more you give, the more you get.


    Applying Lean in Intercultural Environments: Limitations and Opportunities

    Melinda Jacobs

    Melinda Jacobs, co-founder of Lucent Sky, gathers sales and product feedback from customers on three continents. She’ll describe the impact cultural customs and norms have on how feedback and customer development take place, with a focus on how to adapt Lean methodologies into diverse cultural settings.


    Meeting Practices That Support Innovation

    Mamie Kanfer Stewart

    Your company culture comes to life in your company meetings. How you plan, run, and follow-through on your team sessions impacts almost every aspect of how your people work together. Mamie Kanfer Stewart, founder and CEO of Meeteor, describes how to align your meeting practices with a Lean Startup mindset to support a culture of innovation and collaboration.

    18:45 - 19:00 Break


    Scaling Lean: Project, Program, Portfolio

    Jeff Gothelf

    When Lean-curious companies get stalled implementing the practice, they’ll often cite organizational complexities, politics, and dependencies as insurmountable obstacles. The methodology can be scaled, though — not just as culture and philosophy, but as tactical process. In this practical presentation offering detailed case studies, Jeff Gothelf (author of Lean UX and the upcoming Sense and Respond) will share several methods for scaling Lean Startup techniques in large organizations. Jeff will cover knowledge management, intra-team dependencies, infrastructure requirements, and several other elements of ensuring successful Lean Startup practices in companies of any size.


    Design and the Self

    Irene Au

    Design has the power to shape how we think and feel. It’s also the tangible manifestation of intention. Conversely, how we create and what we design are the culmination of who we are as individuals coming together to make something for others. In this talk, Irene Au, Design Partner at Khosla Ventures, explores how our inner state manifests in design, and why the best thing we can do to become better designers may be to work on ourselves.


    Why 40 Hours Is Enough: Lessons from Basecamp

    Jason Fried

    Jason Fried, co-founder & CEO of Basecamp, joins us to talk about leading business teams in a way that supports the Lean Startup practice – collaborative, productive, efficient.


    Design Thinking and Lean

    Phil Gilbert

    IBM is on a mission to create a sustainable culture of design and to bring a human-centered focus to its thousands of products and services. Since 2013, the company has hired over 1,100 designers to work alongside engineers and business leaders across the company. In this multidisciplinary setting, how does the Lean Startup approach interplay with design thinking? How can teams bridge the gap between user experience insights and real business opportunities? Phil Gilbert, General Manager of IBM Design, will discuss how IBM’s approach to continuous innovation at a global scale is transforming the way the company works.

    20:15 - 21:45



    Applying Lean in Intercultural Environments: Limitations and Opportunities

    Melinda Jacobs | Lucent Sky | @melindakjacobs

    Melinda Jacobs, co-founder of Lucent Sky, gathers sales and product feedback from customers on three continents. She’ll describe the impact cultural customs and norms have on how feedback and customer development take place, with a focus on how to adapt Lean methodologies into diverse cultural settings.

    #culture #customerdevelopment #LucentSky

    The Hustle: A conversation with Sam Parr

    Sam Parr | Hustle Con Media | @theSamParr

    Sam Parr is founder of Hustle Con Media, one of the fastest growing media companies in the U.S. Sam joins Lean Startup Co. contributing editor Jennifer Maerz to talk about how he grew his brand to 3 million readers in eight months, and how he continues to push the boundaries through experimentation and relentless community development.

    #DIY #startup #thehustle

    12 Years Building Moz: What I’d Change, Keep the Same & Don’t Yet Know

    Rand Fishkin | Moz | @randfish

    The years you spend creating a startup is often time filled with regret, joy, pain and — hopefully someday—success. In this presentation, Rand Fishkin, founder and former CEO of Moz, will talk about how his company, which started as a personal blog while he was deeply in debt, evolved into a $40m+ revenue/year software business. Rand won’t pull punches or hide the truth. Instead he’ll offer an unvarnished, transparent look inside the hardest and rarely-talked-about aspects of building a company.

    #MOZ #scaling #startup

    From Skill Schools to Global Morning Dance Parties: Lessons Learned from the Field

    Matthew Brimer | General Assembly | @brimer

    Matthew Brimer is a social entrepreneur, community builder, and general mischief instigator with a penchant for turning experiments into businesses and art projects into global movements. He’ll share his entrepreneurial journey and lessons learned from building GoCrossCampus, General Assembly, the global Daybreaker dance party series, and beyond.

    #daybreaker #experiments #scaling

    22:00 - 23:00 Break


    A Dozen Reasons Why Missionaries Build Better Businesses & Are More Successful Than Mercenaries

    Tren Griffin | Microsoft | @trengriffin

    As Tren Griffin will explain, the entrepreneurs founding startups with the biggest impact are missionaries who are laser focused on implementing the insight at the core of their business. Mercenaries are driven by monetary rewards and fame. Mercenaries seldom have the necessary desire to change the world, a desire that would otherwise enable them to persevere through hardship and create a world-changing business.

    #culture #microsoft

    Jake Knapp on Sprints: How to Build and Test an Idea in Just 40 Hours

    Jake Knapp | GV | @jakek

    Looking to save your team countless hours and dollars? To get unstuck? Learn how the design sprint can give you a superpower: the ability to build and test nearly any idea in just 40 hours. The sprint—a five-day process for answering critical business questions through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas—is a “greatest hits” of battle-tested business processes any team can use. Sharing this shortcut to learning and innovation is Jake Knapp, creator of Google Ventures’ sprint process, co-creator of Google Hangouts, and author of The New York Times bestseller Sprint.

    #designsprint #googleventures

    The Art of Sustainable Growth: What the Not-For-Profit Business Model Can Teach You

    Wendy Gonzalez | Samasource | @samaimpact

    Across industries, the ability to grow your business without overinvesting resources is of utmost importance. Nonprofits face a unique challenge in being forced to run a lean ship without the safety net of VC money. The Sama team has turned constraints in resources into lessons on being mindful in how they run and build their business. Wendy Gonzalez, SVP & Managing Director of Samasource, explains how to apply nonprofit tactics to ensure the long-term success of your company, regardless of your funding source or the type of business you run.

    #growth #nonprofit #sociallean

    Lean Startup in Big Government

    Hillary Hartley joins us to deliver an update on how 18F is applying Lean Startup to innovate and change government, and they key lessons that any organization can learn from their examples.

    #18F #government #innovation

    00:15 - Streaming closes

    Coffee, tea, snacks and alcoholfree refreshments will be served. Otherwise you are welcome to BYOB!

    The organisers are providing full Q&A participation for Live Stream participants. They field questions via an online form where you will get equal opportunity to ask questions. Livestreamers are not second-class citizens for Q&A. If you would like to take part in it, please sign up also here:

    https://events.bizzabo.com/livestream2016?promo=Oslo (https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fevents.bizzabo.com%2Flivestream2016%3Fpromo%3DOslo&h=2AQEM9wzq&enc=AZOSeCg7na9h5JQwxIUxxAk0hlmokwDFSpi4XGNAgm6Ad1-zVdaxFb3TW913O-LRim8&s=1)

  • Live Streaming The Lean Startup Conference in Oslo

    We are bringing San Francisco closer to Oslo: Come, join us for the Live streaming of the Lean Startup Conference!

    Place: Iterate HQ, Grensen 9b, Oslo

    Here is what you will see:

    18:45 - 21: 30
    Opening Remarks: Eric Ries

    Lean Startup at GE: Mark Little

    Managing Through Hyper-Growth: Aditya Agarwal, Dropbox

    The Building Blocks of Community: Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt

    How to Become an Innovation Leader: Bennett Blank, Intuit

    So You Want to Build the Next Facebook: Laura Klein

    Users Know Intro to USDS and 18F: Hillary Hartley, 18F

    Sponsored Talk: Outsourcing vs. Hiring Your Own Team: David Semerad, STRV

    How Mindfulness Can Help You Reduce Stress: Stacy Conlon, The Zen Girl

    Doors open 18:15
    Coffee and tea will be served.
    Note: Due to the 9 hour time difference we can stream only the morning session.

    We know it's quite a last minute thing, but hope you can still make it!

  • Launch Night for Eric Ries in Oslo - Come and win a ticket!

    The rumours are true: Eric Ries, founder of the Lean Startup movement is coming to Oslo! We are throwing a warm-up party with international guests, talks and quiz to celebrate this happening.


    How to succeed on Kickstarter - (20 minutes)
    Tore Rasmussen will share his insights about how to launch and get your ideas founded. Tore is co-founder of the Kickstarter success board-game PlayingLean.

    Live events powered by you - (20 minutes)
    Our special guest for the night is Thijs Sprangers, dutch entrepreneur who will tell you about Live On Demand - a new product that changes the nature of how live events starts. Who do you want live on stage? Live on Demand puts the power in your hands.

    Lean Quiz
    How much do you know about Lean Startup? Test your knowledge and win a ticket for a half day of inspiration with Eric Ries in Oslo.

  • Backers only: Kickstarter og Playing Lean spesial




    Mange av dere har fått med dere og støttet Kickstarter-kampanjen vår for Playing Lean, brettspillet om Lean Startup. Jeg vil derfor invitere til en helt spesiell meetup hos Iterate for våre støttespillere.

    På programmet står det:

    • Lyntale med Behind the Scenes - et innblikk i hvordan en Kickstarter fungerer

    • En runde med spilling av Playing Lean

    De som kommer får også med seg et eksemplar av boken til Ash Maurya, Running Lean.

    Vel møtt!

    Med vennlig hilsen

    P.S. For de som enda ikke har støttet kampanjen har jeg laget et eget nivå (som er minimum) på 250 kroner på Kickstarter (dere som har kjøpt spillet trenger ikke å gjøre noe annet å melde dere på her på meetup.com):


  • Playing Lean Workshop (med Ash)


    I forbindelse med workshopen (http://spark59.com/workshops/running-lean-iterate) i Oslo med Ash Maurya (Running Lean), setter vi opp en ny runde med spilltesting av Playing Lean, spillet som lærer deg Lean Startup.

    Forrige runde var stor suksess, og denne gangen dobler vi opp med to brett samtidig.

    Ash Maurya stiller som deltager - kan du slå mesteren selv?

  • Spilltesting med Playing Lean


    Lær om Lean Startup ved å spille et brettspill! Vi tar en gjennomspilling av Playing Lean, som er et pedagogisk brettspill for endringsagenter.

    Spillingen vil ta mellom 2 og 3 timer.

    Mer informasjon om selve spillet er å finne i den pågående Kickstarter-kampanjen:


    Meld deg på - det er kun 12 plasser.

  • Beyond Budgeting med Bjarte Bogsnes


    Etterhvert som smidigbølgen har fart over landet, har det skjedd en hel del viktige
    endringer i hvordan IT- og andre bransjer jobber i prosjekter. Mange har fått
    stor verdi av et smidigere tankesett. Likevel er det fortsatt noen etablerte
    sannheter som står som urokkelige grunnfjell i kampen for å kunne absorbere
    læring raskere, konkurrere mer effektivt og innovere. Budsjetteringsprosessen
    er en av disse.

    Hvorfor er det fornuftig å planlegge de viktigste aktivitetene for det kommende året èn
    gang? Hvordan ville verden se ut om man i stedet gikk over til kontinuerlig
    planlegging for å kunne absorbere læring man opparbeider seg udnerveis, ikke
    bare krangle om ressursene gjennom året? Er kalenderår i det hele tatt et
    hensiktsmessig intervall å planlegge etter i dagens samfunn med raske endringer
    og stadig behov for innovasjon? Læring og raske feedback-sykluser er en viktig
    del av essensen i Lean, og derfor er vi i Oslo Lean Meetup glade for og stolte
    av å kunne presentere Bjarte Bogsnes, som leder arbeidet med Beyond Budgeting
    i Statoil, til å snakke om smidig virksomhetsstyring - Beyond

    Her er noen ord på engelsk om Bjarte:

    Bjarte Bogsnes has a long international career, both in Finance and HR.
    He is currently heading up the Beyond Budgeting implementation at Statoil,
    Scandinavia's largest company with operations in 33 countries and a turnover of
    130 bn USD. On Fortune 500, the company was recently ranked #1 on Social
    responsibility and #7 on Innovation. Transparency International has named
    Statoil the most transparent listed company globally.

    Bjarte is Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Round Table Europe (BBRT), and
    is a popular international business speaker and winner of a Harvard
    Business Review/McKinsey Management Innovation award. He is the author of
    "Implementing Beyond Budgeting - Unlocking the Performance
    Potential", where he writes about his implementation experiences. Statoil
    realized that traditional leadership and management practices no longer work in
    today's competence organizations operating in business environments more
    complex, dynamic and unpredictable than ever. The company implemented
    innovative alternatives to traditional management, like abolishing traditional
    budgets and calendar-based management in favor of more decentralized, agile and
    human processes.

    Iterate er kveldens sponsor; I april arrangeres intrapenørprisen for andre gang. Du
    finner mer informasjon her: http://www.intraprenorprisen.

    Det blir en kort introduksjon til kveldens foredrag av Tom Bang.

  • Kom og hør Skype-medgründer Jonas Kjellberg keynote foredrag


    Norwegian Investment Forum 2014
    Konferansen går av stabelen førstkommende tirsdag, den 14 oktober.

    Årets konferanse setter fokus på de viktigste trendene i risikokapitalmarkedet. Topp internasjonale foredragsholdere belyser spørsmålet: “Who will fund tomorrow’s startups?” Man vil også få se noen av de beste vekstselskapene i Norge presentere seg.

    Jonas Kjellberg, investor, Skype-medgründer og foreleser ved Stanford universitet er en av hovedtalerne på Norwegian Investment Forum med sitt foredrag “Gamechangers and outperformers - innovating sales in a changing environment“ Andre talere er Saul Singer, medforfatter av bestselgeren Startup-Nation (Israel) og Alan Young, grunnleggeren av Runway, det suksessfulle coworkingspace i San Francisco vil gi innsikt i hvor utviklingen går for startup-selskaper og investorene som går tidlig inn. Vil alle steder bli det neste Silicon Valley? The Oslo Lean Meetup har fått tildelt to rabattkoder vi kan benytte når vi bestiller på Eventbrite. (http://bit.ly/1ClwqYO) Bruk “OLMDelegat” og du får Delegat billett (uten party) til kun 800 kr, og/eller bruk rabattkoden “OLMParty” får å få Party billett til kun 700 kr. Skal du delta på dag og kveld må man altså kjøpe to billetter for tilsammen 1500 kr, veil pris er 3990.

    Som Delegat deltager får du du tilgang til konferansen, men du trenger også Party billett for å få tilgang til Norwegian Investment Forum afterparty. Der blir det mat, drikke og utdeling av Norwegian Venture Capital Investment Awards. Møt investorer, gründere og tjenestetilbydere i en morsom og uformell setting i vår VIP Lounge på taket av Forskningsparken. Partyet starter klokken kl 17:30

    Vel møtt!

    For mer informasjon se www.nif2014.no
    For spørsmål kontakt Tore Rasmussen på mail [masked] eller mobil[masked]