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Fostering a learning culture using Personal Kanban

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-Have you ever felt paralyzed by the long list of things that need to be done - personal and professional - of conflicting priorities and varying complexities?

-Ever hosted a meeting that the team looks forward to every week?

-Have your teams felt that “A-ha!” moment while following prescribed ceremonies or processes?

Personal Kanban is a simple tool that provides a better way to manage our life by visualizing choices we make and learning from them about ourselves.

We will narrate our stories and experiences with using PK at home and at work; with teams that are co-located and remote/distributed. Using PK principles, we have seen individuals and teams come together to share pain points, knowledge and help each other to better their personal and professional lives. This is not a process that came down from management, something that “had” to be done. We experimented by introducing it to our teams and it stuck.

Join us to understand why PK creates a “sticky presence” which enables an environment where learning becomes a habit.

Learning Objectives:
- Principles of Personal Kanban.
- Understand how it relates to various models of learning.
- Find out how the application of these principles enables a learning culture amongst individuals and teams.
- Learn how to create your personal Kanban
- We will arrive at these outcomes by discussing from our experience: success stories, failures, learnings and how we overcame challenges while practicing Personal Kanban.

About the presenters:
Sameer is an Engagement Manager with OutSystems located at their Global HQ in Atlanta. His LinkedIn profile: and you can follow him on Twitter @Bendre.
Meghana is currently a Product Owner at Fiserv located in Alpharetta. Her LinkedIn Profile: and you can follow her on Twitter @meghana27.