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Vision, strategy and gaining agreement on direction - with Richard Cornelius

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Talk Details:
Vision, strategy and gaining agreement on direction. An exercise to create an X-Matrix.

My favourite word is “Why?”

These days companies are beginning to realise that the world and markets are changing quickly, that they need to adapt, to become flexible, nimble, agile (small “a”). So in comes the adoption of “Agile” (big “A”) as a solution. It’s now a target and it’s what-needs-to-be-done. But Why?

Being “Agile” isn’t the same as being “agile”, and neither are the same as producing value for your customers, the employees, or the organisation’s effectiveness. It’s not the “Why?”

agile (how terrible am I, to be starting a sentence with a small “a”?), can be very powerful, both as a software delivery process and powerful for enterprise-wide business agility, but the constructs and methods are wide and varied. Implementing a common name, such as Scrum or SAFe, isn’t guaranteed to produce results, and at worst could produce anti-patterns. What’s needed is a coherent alignment, focussing on the organisational purpose, and then branching to the strategies and tactics. Start with the “Why?”

Defining the “Why?
This session, in small groups, we’ll jointly create an X-Matrix.
This is a method of Hoshin Kanri, which enables people to identify this organisational purpose, the strategies and the measures. Along with this there is the ability to see how these separate entities correlate together (is there a strong alignment? And which strategies look to be the most powerful?).

This is a collaborative process, and can be accomplished as a team, or using a catch-ball process, to bring agreement, understanding, alignment and engagement across the people involved.

The “Why?” gets disseminated, the execution gets agreement, and people have autonomy to act independently knowing the direction of travel.

About Richard Cornelius:
Richard Cornelius is passionate about people and their ways of working, leading IT and business agility transformations for some of the world’s largest corporations. An established trusted advisor, coach and mentor.

Working with the executives, senior management and delivery teams, he focusses on culture, leadership, strategy and lean metrics, to look at the business performance as a whole.

The transformation or adaption of any organisation is highly complex, and every organisation is different, meaning there isn’t a single solution to creating business effectiveness and customer value. Rather Richard uses his war stories and understanding of good and poor patterns, to guide the organisation through this period of learning and change.

Oh! And as something different, he’s also the imprint publisher of early (1902-1936) motorcycling books.

Other Details:
The event will be hosted at Dunelm Head Office in Leicester and our sponsors Xpertise Recruitment will be providing food and refreshments.

We look forward to seeing everyone there :)

COVID-19 - masks are not compulsory but if you prefer to wear them then please do so.

COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be indoors
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Agile Leicester
Agile Leicester
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Wednesday, October 19, 2022
4:30 PM
Watermead Business Park, Rayns Way · Leicestershire
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