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Volunteers for organising team
This meeting is only for a few volunteers willing to commit to organising the meet-up's monthly events for at least a year. if that's you, come along to help form the organising team. if that's not you, please wait for the first full meet-up.

Wellesley Boutique Hotel

2-8 Maginnity Street · Wellington

What we're about

For the agile manager (small "a"): people interested in new ways of managing for the enterprise, to get the message out that it's the management that needs to change to get to new ways of working.

Agile thinking has escaped IT, and is transforming enterprises, government, and society here in New Zealand. Its impact is far reaching enough to talk of it as a renaissance in thinking, a refresh or step change that comes only once or twice a century. This is not an exaggeration.

This is leading to new ways of working: iterative, incremental, experimenting, exploring complex systems. These are displacing the ideas of big-bang projects; zero risk; certainty and accuracy; plan once execute perfectly; failure is not an option.

At least as important, though, is new ways of managing. Too often, management views the transformation to new ways as something done to improve the practitioner workforce, not to management. This can't be. For an organisation to change, the management must change. This is one of the biggest issues facing organisations moving to agile ways of working. Managers must understand and focus on empowerment, collaboration, agility, and flow.

The most important aspect of getting to agile ways of working is not the target state or some template solution or even distilling out a set of principles. The key to success in getting a legacy organisation to new ways of working, to agility, is understanding how to create the transformation and in particular understanding that the focus of the transformation has to be the management layer, rather than the work.

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