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Agile Testing After Work - COLOGNE (with Rewe Digital)

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Agile Testing After Work - COLOGNE (with Rewe Digital)


Join us for an engaging meetup where we'll dive into the world of Agile Testing! 🚀

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just curious, the Agile Testing Days team invites you to a relaxed evening with valuable insights, lively discussions, and a welcoming space for all enthusiasts of agile methodologies and software testing!

This meetup is kindly supported by REWE digital, who provide yummy snacks, drinks and the space for a thriving community event. You will find this same event at their meetup page too.

The full speaker line-up will be announced soon.


  • 04:30 - Entry
  • 05:00 - Welcome & Introduction by CEO José Diaz
  • 05:15 - Michael Kutz: How (not) to Measure Quality
  • 05:45 - break
  • 06:15 - Anastasia Kutafina: Breaking Barriers - Become an Automation Tester in 258 minutes
  • 06:45 - break
  • 07:00 - Talk 3
  • 07:30 - break
  • 07:45 - Talk 4
  • 08:15 - Networking & drinks
  • 21:30 - End of event

Michael Kutz
How (Not) to Measure Quality
As software developers, my team and I were repeatedly in the situation of fighting for more quality and less feature pressure. In doing so, we often achieved concessions, but often the time we were given was insufficient and the result correspondingly unsatisfactory. If I am honest, we ourselves were not in a position to say exactly how bad the quality actually was. Moreover, I have noticed time and again that developers, users and managers of software have fundamentally different priorities when it comes to quality. Developers often think about internal aspects like code quality and maintainability, users think about external features like bugs and usability, and managers need predictability and efficiency in the development process. Of course, there are various metrics that try to measure the quality(s) of software, but these often only refer to very small sub-aspects and have more or less harmful side-effects.

In my talk I would like to point out the side effects of quality measurements and show a method for finding metrics that work better. I will point out weaknesses of single classical quality metrics and suggest better suited alternatives. In the end, this results in a network in which each metric is justified by a clear goal and a concrete question and in which weaknesses are mutually balanced.

Key Learnings
- Identify different approaches on how (not) to measure quality.
- Assess commonly used quality metrics against different purposes.
- Be aware of possible side effects of measurements.
- Understand how metrics can be combined to even out each other's weaknesses.

Anastasia Kutafina:
Breaking Barriers - Become an Automation Tester in 258 minutes
Real-world examples of how Karate successfully covers our backs in backend team.
Could automation be accessible and achievable for both programmers and non-programmers? Gear up for an inspiring talk that transforms apprehension into confidence.In this 25-minute session you witness showcases of language-neutral built-in assertions, reports, and parallel test execution for lightning-fast results of a Karate Test Automation Framework. See how combining the spirit of open-source with the finesse of out-of-the box solutions can be a catalyst for a cultural shift towards better quality in your team.
Join us to witness the art of testing simplified, barriers shattered and leave the room with the roadmap of how you can master your martial art of automated testing, delivering powerful blows to bugs with Karate.


Please note that with attending this meetup you grant the organizers full rights to use images and video footage taken at the event for marketing purposes. If you do not comply, please contact us onsite or via

How to get there:
You can use public transport, for example line 4 will take you to Keupstraße. From there you can reach REWE digital in 10 minutes. From Mülheim train station it takes about 15 minutes. If you do come by car, you can use the parking spaces provided for REWE digital on the premises. However, you must send your license plate number as a Meetup direct message to Felipe Moroder-Bendyk by noon on Mai 7 to avoid getting a parking ticket. Alternatively, you can park for a fee in the parking garage at Carlswerk. Just follow the signs.

COVID-19 safety measures

Event will be indoors
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
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