• Agile Coffee in Eindhoven
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  • From Chaos to order with Self-Organization
    [masked] Food & drinks [masked] Pitch sponsor [masked] From Chaos to order with Self-Organization [masked] Break [masked] A Dialogue on Self-Organization [masked] Drinks According to one of the principles in the Agile Manifesto, the best products come from self-organizing teams. Standard Scrum, as one of the most known agile ways, is meant for just one team. The past decade several frameworks for scaling agile to many teams have become popular. But what has become of the idea of self-organizing teams? And what if the complete organization becomes more agile? Isn’t a complete self-organizing organization the next step in agility? In this talk we are going to investigate which ways there are to self-organize without leading to chaos, but instead bring order. There will be a sneak preview of a coherent set of methods for self-organization based on e.g. sociocracy and OKRs. The speaker for this part is Tom Heisterkamp, Agile Coach, Trainer and Speaker @ www.vagile.nl. Tom is self-employed and works for Air France-KLM right now. His mission is to make the world a better place by applying agile and self-organizing ways of working. In the second part we make things practical. We start with a brief introduction of concepts that play a roll in self organization: Organization Learning (Senge) and Business Agility (Steyaert). Then we move into a dialogue to identify what possible next steps (if any) you need to take in your own organization, to create effective self-organizing teams. The facilitator for this part is Arno Korpershoek, agile and complexity coach, @Co-chi. The speaker for this part is Arno Korpershoek, agile and complexity coach, @Co-chi. I am self-employed. My personal purpose is to create a (emotional) safe world where trust giving decisions are good for everyone. At this moment I focus on business agility where strategy is supported by a sensing capability realizing resiliency as well as calm alertness.

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  • Agile Coffee Nijmegen
    Ben je actief in een rol als Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer of Project Manager? Of heb je interesse in deze rollen of in onderwerpen als Scrum, Lean en Agile? Wees dan van harte welkom in het centrum van Nijmegen om met elkaar te sparren! In deze meetup behandelen we alle onderwerpen die de bezoekers zelf aandragen volgens het 'Lean Coffee' format voor vergaderingen. Wij zorgen binnen het pand van BliXem Internet voor versgemalen koffie, warme stroopwafels en alcoholische versnaperingen om er - net als bij de vorige edities - weer een leerzame en informele sessie van te maken. Meld je dus snel aan!

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  • The edge of chaos – A place for initiative and connection
    The agenda is: [masked] Food & drinks[masked] Introduction by Agile Holland board member Dick Croes and a small pitch of the sponsor[masked] The workshop with a small break[masked] A drink afterwards This evening brings a workshop by Philip Meulenkamp, Team and Organisations Coach, www.meulenkamp-enzo.nl Philip is a self employed team- and organisations- coach who is out looking to support organisations to ‘Increase the Impact of Craftsmanship’ to the benefit of customers ánd organisation. He works with customers based on systemic mental legacies and principles. He combines his technical background with his experience and knowledge of working philosophies like Agile and LEAN, focusing on the cultural and behavioural aspects of making work fun ánd successful. The Edge of Chaos – A place for initiative and connection When you let go of 'command & control', and leave the initiative more to your professionals, what prevents you from to end up in 'Chaos'? In Chaos there is enough activity, but no patterns and meaning at organizational level. Somewhere between Full Structure and Chaos is something you could call 'The Edge of Chaos'. In Agile organizations it is often looking for the balance - how much letting go can you handle, without everyone 'just' doing something? The Edge of Chaos is a 'place' where there is freedom for initiative and new connections, where patterns of meaning arise, the dissolving again in something new. The intention of this meetup is to investigate with Agile professionals in response to a pitch of this. What is for an Agile organization 'the edge of Chaos'? What does that look like in practice? With your active participation, I hope we together can learn more about The Edge of Chaos in Agile organisations.


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  • Agile Coffee in Eindhoven
    This Agile meetup will be hosted by Lars Liebrand and Wessel Hofman of Scrumit. The location will be a rugbyclub, because this meetup will be a combination between an open space and some emperical learning about Agile through rugby gamifications on an actual rugby pitch. So bring your sports gears (yes really!) So we can have fun, experience together and learn from that. We will use one of the gamifications that we also use in our Scrum/ Agile trainings for our customers. If you would like more info about what you can expect then check the video on www.scrumit.nl. If there are any questions let us know.

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  • Agile Open Holland 2018
    Note: RSVP here is not enough, you need to register using the link below Once upon a time on Friday 21st of September 2018 we will meet each other at the 13th Agile Open Holland event in Lunteren with a hope to have a rich and satisfying day. Agile Open Holland is a recurrent Open Space event which means that you are a participant and you are also a speaker, and once you’ve bought the tickets you can’t avoid your serving of creative ideas, hands-on workshops, fruitful discussions and amazing new people. On Friday we start at 09:00 and continue till 17:00, followed by drinks for everybody till 18:00. When you choose to include a fine diner, we keep you busy till 20:30. On Thursday night we start with dinner at 18:00 en start gaming as soon as everybody is ready. The night lasts till late, especially for those who stay. Worst of all this year event has a specific topic. Guess what? It’s all about centaurs! Or sphinxes. Or griffins. Close your eyes (wait, then you can’t read this text, okay, keep your eyes open) and imagine a harmonious mixture of IT and business – that’s what all our event is about. Mysterious, eh? If you are already curious – buy your ticket and share with friends using tags #agileopen #holland #aoh2018 If you want to sponsor the event – buy your ticket and be ready to send two representatives. Book a spot in your calendar and see you soon! Cheers Harry and Stani This is an un-conference event, although it's a non-profit, but we need to cover expenses. We keep the price low thanks to our sponsors. Please buy your tickets at https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-agile-open-holland-2018-46406844120

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  • Agile Marcom Consortium presents: White paper launch: Agile in Communication.
    Disclaimer: Although the text below is in English, the meetup will be held in Dutch. Agenda: 17.30 Doors open + light dinner 18.30 Opening words 18.45 Present white paper to Mariëtte Pasman and share main thoughts and conclusions by authors Marlous Mooij and Mariëlle Roozemond 19.30 Break with coffee/tea 19.45 Petra Driessen, content & communication specialist at VGZ shares the agile way of work in the communications team 20.00 Arie van Bennekum, agile values and principles applied outside IT 20.30 Closing remarks Drinks Five years ago, Betteke van Ruler launched her book Reflective Communication Scrum, which unleashed a bunch of energy to approach our work differently in communication. Today quite a few communication professionals work in an agile way completing projects and going concern tasks. Time to take stock. What works and what doesn’t when applying agile to communication? Some pressing questions in this regard are bundled in a white paper, reflecting the opinion of professionals working with agile in this field from the beginning. In this event, the white paper is launched by Mariëtte Pasman (communication RIVM & board member Logeion) and the main findings in it are shared by Marlous Mooij (Independent project manager) and Mariëlle Roozemond (Agile marcom coach & lecturer). The host organization of our evening will give a heads up on how the communication team applies agile in their work processes. Once we have full confirmation, more details on this talk will follow. We are happy to close the evening with a talk of one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto; Arie van Bennekum (thought leader Wemanity). He always claimed that the manifesto was written for those wanting to uncover better ways to do any kind of complex project work, including non-IT. Seeing the rise of Agile in different domains has strengthened this conviction. He points to principles and practices that any creative worker can use in today’s fast paced workplace.

    RIVM – Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu

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  • Agile Coffee Utrecht
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  • Agile Coffee Utrecht
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  • Agile Coffee in Eindhoven
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