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"The Agile Culture Code" with Dr. Stefanie Puckett

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"The Agile Culture Code" with Dr. Stefanie Puckett


Agile organizations have a common denominator, and it is not what you might think. It is not their size or structure, not even applying agile methodologies. It is their company culture. In this lecture and Q&A session for everyone who wants to help the team, or the organization unleash their agile potential, we will take a psychological deep dive together and uncover the logic behind the agile culture code we often struggle with.

To unlock the code, you'll learn the three elements which catalyze cultural transformation. To illustrate the three elements, we will look at what happens when progressive organizations neglect one of the three elements. Based on three imbalance warnings you can identify your own challenge (in your own work/ in the team/ in the organization). The TEC model (Puckett, 2020) describes the common denominator of an agility-promoting and -enabling culture across three pillars: transparency, empowerment and collaboration. Transparency ensures equal footing in discussions and dialogues, creates trust and ensures that each individual can think strategically and take informed decisions, as well as self steer. There are three aspects to this: transparency with information and data, transparency with intention and plans, transparency with results and impact. Empowerment means enabling the organization to act upon the information they gained through transparency. To self-organize, to self-steer, to allow for agility. More precisely, it takes: freedom to adapt and create, empowerment to take charge, and ownership with a bias toward action.

Collaboration means flexibility and fluidity in roles to team up where needed, to find and use synergies and learn together. More precisely: Collaboration through exchange and sharing, collaboration through contribution and flexibility, and collaboration through learning and growing together. Company culture is the biggest hurdle and at the same time, biggest lever in agile transformation. This session will leave you with skills and knowledge to identify your organizational challenges, hack them successfully, and use culture as lever.

Psychologist and founder of Psychology4Agility, Dr Stefanie Puckett, has been supporting leaders, teams and companies on their path to unlocking their potential for over fifteen years. She has lived inGermany, Switzerland and the USA, worked for consulting companies, a fortune 500 company, and owned her own business. Her articles have been published in numerous trade journals and management outlets. Her books, including “The Agile Culture Code” and “Agile Leadership – LeadershipCompetencies for the Agile Transformation” help leaders and teams around the globe to utilize psychological insights to transform their way of working. Stefanie works as consultant and executive coach with her clients on leadership, personal and organizational development and conducts leadership assessments. She speaks internationally and provides specialized psychology based education for Agile Coaches and change leaders.

Event time: 6:00pm-7:30pm CEST

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