• Agile Tour London 2018 - 15% off!
    ***This is for information only, you need to register at http://2018.agiletourlondon.co.uk/ to attend*** Use code: TONY15 for a 15% discount. Friday 19th October 2018 - Blu Portman Hotel We are delighted to welcome Liz Keogh as our keynote speaker. This year programme consists of 30 engaging talks and workshops. Check out the full schedule. Agile Tour London is a conference about Agile in its general approach, where agilists of all background can meet to exchange ideas, refresh their minds, evaluate issues and renew their own approach to Execute Everyday Agile. Join us at Agile Tour London 2018, dive into hands-on workshops and engaging talks, exchange opinions with fellow agilists and meet directly some of the most amazing speakers of the community. Whether you are an agile newbie or an Expert Agilist, this is the conference you can't afford to miss.

    Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London 22 Portman Square London W1H 7BG United Kingdom

    Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London 22 Portman Square London W1H 7BG United Kingdom · London

  • SQUID - Two Talks - BDD and APIs
    ***This post is for information only. You will need to register at the SQUID meetup page (https://www.meetup.com/squid_meetup/events/251398484/)*** SQUID are very happy to be hosting two great talks in our July meetup. Seb Rose will be talking about BDD and Tom Akehurst about mocking APIs. 6.00 pm Doors open / pizza & drinks 6.30 pm Seb Rose - An Introduction to BDD 7.00 pm Break 7.15 pm Tom Akehurst - Mock your APIs for faster, better, nastier tests 7.55 pm Wrap up and on to the pub "An introduction to Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)" Seb Rose Ever looked at a specification and wondered exactly what it meant? Ever wasted time trying to figure out what might be impacted by a change in the specifications? Ever been unsure which parts of the specification have actually been developed? Ever looked at test scripts and found yourself unclear what was actually being tested? Of course you have! There is a better way to tackle uncertainty and write easily understood specifications, that can also act as automated tests. Come find out how. "Mock your APIs for faster, better, nastier tests." Tom Akehurst Modern systems are increasingly composed of many networked services running on unreliable infrastructure, owned by different teams or even companies. To stand a chance of shipping a decent product on time, systems need to be tested early, often and with real-world failure scenarios in addition to the happy path. This talk is all about why you need API mocking to help you achieve these goals and how to go about it. Biographies Seb Rose - Consultant, coach, trainer, analyst and developer for over 30 years. Seb has been involved in the full development lifecycle with experience that ranges from Architecture to Support, from BASIC to Ruby. He’s a partner in Cucumber Limited, who help teams adopt and refine their agile practices, with a particular focus on collaboration and automated testing. Regular speaker at conferences and occasional contributor to software journals. Co-author of “BDD Books 1: Discovery” (Leanpub), lead author of “The Cucumber for Java Book” (Pragmatic Programmers), and contributing author to “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know” (O’Reilly). He blogs at cucumber.io and tweets as @sebrose. Tom Akehurst - Tom is a developer with an unhealthy interest in finding new ways to break things. He’s the creator of WireMock and the founder of MockLab - API mocking tools for testing microservice, web and mobile apps. Register on this link (https://www.meetup.com/squid_meetup/events/251398484/)

    This Meetup is past

    John Lewis Head Office

    171 Victoria Street, London · SW1E 5NN

  • London Tester Gathering Workshops 2018 - 28th/29th June 2018
    ***This post is for information only. You will need to register at the MoT site*** This year's workshops will be taking place on the 28-29th June, at The Tomlinson Centre. This year's event will consist of eight half-day workshops over two days, but you'll need to act quickly, as places are strictly limited. Thursday's Workshops From Unit to End to End Tests with Jest - Marton Hipszki Exploratory Testing 101 - Kim Knup & Claire Reckless Facilitation Skills for Testers - Toby Sinclair Getting Started With Web API Testing - Matthew Bretten Friday's Workshops BDD and Cynefin - Liz Keogh The Evil Tester's Test Ability Audit - Alan Richardson Threat Modelling for Testers - Dan Billing iOS UI Testing with XCUITest in Swift - Swarnim Kumari Click here to register and see you there! • What to bring A laptop will be required for some of the workshops. • Important to know Limited places. Get in quick! https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/events/london-tester-gathering-workshops-2018

    The Tomlinson Centre

    Queensbridge Road, E8 3ND · London

  • Pre-LTGWorkshops Meetup, 27th June 2018
    ***This is a cross post from the MoT meetup page (https://www.meetup.com/MinistryOfTesting/events/251754856/).*** This is the Pre-Meetup to the London Testing Gathering Workshops (https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/london-tester-gathering-workshops-2018) which are taking place on the 28-29th June. There are still some tickets remaining for the workshops, you can find out more about them over on The Ministry of Testing site (https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/london-tester-gathering-workshops-2018). The meetup is open to all, not just those attending the workshops. There'll be drinks and food and a chance to just relax and chat testing with folk. The meetup is being hosted and sponsored by the ever-supportive Equal Experts (https://www.equalexperts.com), so a huge thanks to them! We think you rock!

    Equal Experts

    30 Brock Street, NW1 3FG · London

  • Open Source Load Testing: JMeter, Gatling and Taurus + Application Monitoring
    ***This post is for information only regarding a Open Source Tools for Testing in DevOps Era - London meetup. Please Register here https://www.meetup.com/Open-Source-Tools-for-Testing-in-DevOps-Era-London/events/250573617/ *** When choosing an open source testing tool, you'll find that each option has its own advantages, so the challenge is finding the best tool for your specific testing needs. In this upcoming meetup, we'll look at Gatling, a Scala-based tool used to load test web applications. We will examine Gatling’s many capabilities and primary features, and compare them to Apache JMeter. We also look at some challenges, as well as how to use Taurus, an open source automation tool, to overcome them. Guy Salton, Domain Expert for BlazeMeter at CA Technologies, and an expert on open source testing, will look at: - The advantages of Gatling and its value for users - How Gatling compares to JMeter - A demonstration of how Taurus brings added value to Gatling users, including simple scripting, real-time reporting, and cloud scaling What happens though when a load test fails, and we have to locate the performance bottlenecks? Monitoring….we all know about it but it’s not exciting! However, you also can’t improve where you can’t measure. And measuring is often left too late in the lifecycle of an app. As we compress the lifecycle through containerization and microservices, this gets worse. We need a way that you can monitor earlier in the lifecycle but which doesn’t add friction to the main work you’re doing. Monitoring, thus, must be as invisible as possible, but should INFORM and STRENGTHEN the toolchain. Integrated Application Performance Monitoring can help you shift left in the development cycle, fail fast, fix fast and ultimately produce more stable code. Gary Jones, Senior Principal Consultant - Agile Operations at CA Technologies, will discuss the benefits of integrating these solutions to help you focus on quality and performance. Register here https://www.meetup.com/Open-Source-Tools-for-Testing-in-DevOps-Era-London/events/250573617/


    21 Hatton Garden, EC1N 8BA · London

  • London #TesterGathering - The Warwick - 24th April 2018
    The April London #TesterGathering will be on the 24th April 2018. Address: The Warwick, Function room, 1-3 Warwick Street, Soho, W1B 5LR The plan: We have a room from 6:00pm onwards Talks: Jonny Fletcher, ROQ Test Automation Architect - ‘Striving for Quality at Speed’ A thought-provoking talk on the pivotal role that test/QA professionals can play in driving Quality at Speed and the skills/capabilities and behaviours that this hinges upon. Ben Kelly - Where I see testing going - Ben will discuss how testing is evolving and the direction he is taking it. This will be an open discussion with Ben sharing his thoughts. Sponsorship: http://www.roq.co.uk Hope to see you there. Cheers, Tony and Shey.

    The Warwick

    1-3 Warwick Street, Soho · London W1B 5LR

  • Aginext.io London Conference - 22/23 March 2018 - Code: TONY_15 for 15% off
    • What we'll do ***This post is for information only. You'll have to register at aginext.io*** For anybody interested in going to http://2018.aginext.io/ use TONY_15 for 15% off. The second Aginext London Conference will take place at CCT Venue South Quay Canary Wharf, on Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd March 2018. * We are delighted to welcome Dave Snowden and Antony Marcano as our keynote speakers! * Dave is a researcher in knowledge management and complexity theory, known for the development of the Cynefin framework. * Antony is a Trainer and Agile Coach, he has has worked closely with Kent Beck to establish the London 3X community. * Aginext.io is an excellent conference for experienced Agilists which explores the most recent Agile trends. Join us at Aginext.io to broaden your network, sharpen your Agile skills and listen to some controversial talks. * It’s your chance to explore and develop how the Agile mindset, and Lean ways of working, can help individuals & organisations to respond to changes. * Our programme this year consists of 30 engaging talks and workshops. Check out the full program. * Want to know what we got up to last year? Take a look at 2017's website and the videos on youtube.aginext.io. * You can register your ticket for 2018 with Eventbrite. Follow us on twitter @AginextIO - #Aginext - facebook/aginext.io Register for our newsletter • What to bring • Important to know ***This post is for information only. You'll have to register at aginext.io***

    CCT Venue - Canary Wharf

    193 Marsh Wall E14 9SG · London

  • London #TesterGathering - Sir Christopher Hatton - 12th March 2018
    The March London #TesterGathering will be on the 12th March 2018. Address: Sir Christopher Hatton, 4 Leather Lane, EC1N 7RA London The plan: We have a room from 6:00pm onwards Talks: Joel Montvelisky - 'What's in store for testing in the future?' Joel Montvelisky, PractiTest's chief solution architect, and QA manager is one of the founders of the State of Testing Survey Project. The State of Testing Survey is the largest running independent and global survey of the testing community. Its main goal is to capture a snapshot of what is happening in the world of Testing and Quality Assurance and at the same time detect trends that show where our profession is heading in the near and distant future. Joel will bring some of the findings from this year's survey (before the report has been even published) in order to analyze and question where we are heading as a professional community. He will show the numbers and some of the proposed explanations for them, and the whole group will be able to continue the discussion and analysis of this interesting topic. Tom Akehurst - 'Chaos engineering without scaring your boss' Chaos Engineering is gaining popularity as a way of improving system resilience, with many tech companies now talking publicly about their experiences. But unfortunately most of us inhabit organisations that aren't ready for testing in production while causing deliberate failures. In this talk you'll learn about resilience testing techniques you can deploy safely while still gaining confidence in your system's ability to handle failure. Sponsorship: https://www.practitest.com Hope to see you there. Cheers, Tony and Shey.

    Sir Christopher Hatton

    4 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7RA · London

  • London #TesterGathering - Bar Nordic - 29th January 2018
    Welcome to the first London #TesterGathering of 2018! Address: The Nordic Bar, 25 Newman St, London, Greater London W1T 1PN, London The plan: We have a room from 6:00pm onwards Talks: #1 A few words from Thompson Alexander #2 - Swarnim Kumari, Lead Test Automation at busuu Swarnim will talk about how she has built an automated test framework to check the endpoints, detailing the tools she used (Codeception and JSON Schema to name a few), and how the tests are currently used by her colleagues at busuu. Swarnim is working as a QA Lead at busuu, the world’s largest social network for language learning. With over 60 million users globally, it’s vitally important that their APIs return exactly what is expected. Sponsorship: Thompson Alexander http://www.thompsonalexander.co.uk/ Thompson Alexander is a boutique search and recruitment consultancy inspired to partner with clients as a true long term relationship, trusted and embedded with each client’s Talent function to truly represent their interests and brand. Hope to see you there. Cheers Shey Crompton & Tony Bruce.

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