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Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) is spearheading agile testing and agile awareness across the globe. (www.agiletestingalliance.org) To grow agile testing awareness, practices and acceptance at the ground level To promote self learning, shared learning and problem solving To evangelize Agile Testing and help innovate in the testing area By Organizing learning sessions including hands-on testing sessions Organizing and promoting testing conference for the local region Supporting book/article/paper writing efforts Helping testing community Promoting knowledge sharing through free webinars Providing free education to under privileged through community mentoring Recognizing and Rewarding local talent

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DevOps++ Global Summit #doppa2020

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Agile Testing Alliance's Bangalore 25th Meetup in Association with Locus

Locus - Logistics Optimization & Decision-making Platform


Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks


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