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A case for simpler process and minimal viable bureaucracy

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Is it possible we've over complicated our process at work? Are we designing work processes as reactions that don't fit our intentions. Times change and process for business and technology must respond to change, what if your processes were simpler? Could they respond to change easier and still meet your goals?

Join Ben Goldstein on April 13th for an aspirational discussion about a simpler process for work. What if you commit code directly to your master branch? Would the world end? What if you had no managers and a minimal project management practice?

Teams that embrace agility still find themselves with complex systems for managing their development life cycle. Enterprises trying to deliver faster still have layers of bureaucracy wrapping their process.

Let's discuss as a group the options for making things simpler and explore the concepts of a minimal amount of bureaucracy to manage your projects. Join us at the National Leasing lounge on April 13th.