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Agile Writer Intensive - 2 Day Event

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Price: $180.00 /per person

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Get Writing, Get Published, Get Sold.

2-Day Intensive
Saturday & Sunday Dec 8, 10am-4pm, both days.

The Agile Writer Method will help you create a plot for your story that works. We've been doing this since 2011 and have created over 50 novels.

In this 2-day (6 hrs per day) event we will take your germ of an idea (or an existing manuscript you've started) and mold it into a story that will sell. There are only 12 seats - so sign up today.

The Agile Writer Method has been crafted over years of experience helping hundreds of writers realize their dreams of writing a novel. It's based on mythology, psychology, screenwriting, and a little project management. Dozens of people have completed, you will too.

You'll receive a free copy of Greg Smith's book "The Agile Writer Method." When you're done with this intensive you'll walk out with:
* A one-page Story Abstract for your story
* A one-page Hero Abstract
* A one-page Villain Abstract
* An 8-page synopsis of your story
* The Agile Storyboard breaking your story into 8 Stages of story
* A plan to write 10 pages a week for 25 weeks resulting in a 250-page first draft novel

But the support doesn't stop there. Once complete, you'll be inducted into the Free, weekly Agile Writer Critique group. You'll be paired with two other writers and you'll get critiqued each week on your latest work.

And when you're done writing your first draft you can graduate to Agile Rewriters where you'll be guided to edit your book into a final manuscript.

And there's more. We've published dozens of titles and we'll be able to support you in getting your book on,,, and thousands of other online services as both a printed book and eBook.

Finally, we have the expertise to help you market and sell your book. We've learned how to leverage social media (both free and paid services) to get the word out about your book and get you sold.

So get started today. Sign up for the next Agile Writer Intensive and find out how spending two days focused on your story can result in a lifetime of fulfillment writing, publishing, and selling your story.

Don't you think it's about time?

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