What we're about

The Agilist community is on a lifelong quest to help individuals and organisations sense and respond to a rapidly changing world.

The community helps teams, leaders and organisations collaborate, excel and deliver value in a world of increasing uncertainty, complexity and opportunity.

We support individuals to recognise and achieve their personal and professional potential.

The Agilist is a nonprofit organisation, funded by donations, subscriptions to its publication and fees from training. Learn more at https://theagilist.org

Here are a few areas we cover:

• PSYCHOLOGY: Exploring how we think, behave and navigate the world

• SENSE-MAKING: How we perceive the world and give meaning to our collective experiences

• STRATEGY: The choices organisations make to achieve long-term relevance

• WAYS OF WORKING: The shared values, processes and tools that will enable greater effectiveness

• COACHING AND TRAINING: Unlocking individual and organisational potential through guided self-examination and incremental value creation

• TRANSFORMATION: Catalyse profound individual and organisational change for greater value creation

• RESILIENCE: The ability to recover from shock events and benefit from them

• CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Lifelong learning to develop professional skills and credibility to achieve personal goals

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