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What we’re about

Welcome to "AI in Business: From Automation to Acceleration", a community for business professionals, AI enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and tech innovators who are interested in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to automate and accelerate business operations.

Our focus is to explore the intersection of AI and business automation, and to understand how these technologies are revolutionizing industries by driving efficiency and enhancing decision-making.

We'll dive into discussions about AI-driven tools and technologies, their implementation in various business sectors, and their transformative impact. Through workshops, seminars, expert talks, and open forums, we aim to build a knowledge-sharing platform that supports businesses in their digital transformation journey.

Whether you are an AI veteran or a curious beginner, this group offers a space to learn, share insights, and network with like-minded individuals. Join us to be a part of this exciting journey, as we navigate the dynamic landscape of AI and automation in the business world.