Peer mentoring and discussion: Focus on Capsules

Hosted by Washington D.C. AI Developers Group

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Lets get together to discuss all aspects of deep learning and any questions you may have on the Fast.AI or Andrew Ng's coursera course.

We'll also focus on Hinton's capsules and see what we can make of them. Here are some useful links:

• The Arxiv paper (

• A great youtube overview (

• A Medium Piece³-theory-practice-business/understanding-hintons-capsule-networks-part-i-intuition-b4b559d1159b

Can't wait to hear your experiences with capsules.

All levels of experience are welcome. We rarely have presentations, though we may someone lead a discussion. Bring your questions, projects and ideas, basic or advanced, and we'll try to help.

Don't forget the #deep-learning channel in the PDX Startups slack which you can join at (

Resources: (

Btw, there is plenty of free parking and you are welcome to bring food and drinks as long as we clean up afterwards.