(paid) Online live AI course: Deep learning for developers

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For high demand, we schedule the new session for this course again in October. This course is online live course. You can listen, watch, interact, Q&A with instructors from anywhere around the world. Miss the live session due to time zone or conflict? you can learn session replay at any time afterwards.

course start date/time: 10/15 10am PT (US pacific time, check your local time zone).
* 16 hours, 8 sessions, 10 live lectures, 12 hands-on code labs.
* adding more coding exercises and projects.


learn deep learning by building deep learning models and projects.
The course takes unique project focused approach to teach you deep learning by building deep learning models. The instructor will walk you through a series of curated projects, and explain the key concepts as they arise. Students will learn the theory and how these models work under the hood while writing code, and building neural networks.

The course balances learning theory, working on projects, and also hearing from guest speakers who are industry practitioners in the field.

*Identify and frame problems that can be solved by deep learning
*Choose the right techniques to the problems
*Understand key deep learning concepts and how deep learning models work
*Build deep neural nets for classification on images as well as structured data using the Keras.
*Build convolutional neural networks for image classification and segmentation using the Keras.

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