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Hello Soul Family !! Everyone is welcome here. My name is Lynda Akasha NohAta and I am a Shamanic Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master & Vocalist. I am also a Keeper of Light Frequencies from the Arcturian Council. I sing Ancestral soul songs to activate your Divine Blueprint, restructure your DNA, recalibrate your nervous system and launch your soul on a new path, it's highest path. I sing a song that will eliminate ancestral imprints, genetic inheritance and behaviors, and allow your higher self to step forward. I look forward to knowing you!!!

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Ancestral Soul Song Healings

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Ancestral Soul Song Healings What is an Ancestral Soul Song? It pulls your true soul forward from the depths of your soul who sings your unique vibration. Shamans are soul retrievers. They get through the obstacles that keep your soul light hidden, and pull your soul forward into your life. Akasha NohAta has this unique gift, and during these sessions sings the song that pulls your true self forward, reuniting your soul with your spirit of this life. These songs match your personal vibrations, and while a song may be similar to another’s no two are exactly the same. These healings are done in small groups (no more than 10) and gallery style. After being led into a deep meditation, Akasha goes to each person and matches their soul vibration with song. Your soul hears the song, obstacles fall away and your soul is once again strong within. Recipients of these healings have reported feelings of deeper peace, emotional relief, and less tension as well as clearer thought and decision making abilities. Hope you can join us.

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