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The AKLgamedev Meetup is typically separated in two parts.

Check out the AKLgamedev Meetup Promo Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzU1PeB6rjs&t=).


The first part of the night is the AKLgamedev Talks, typically with the following format:

• 6:00p Doors open to public,

• 6:10p Welcome + Intro

• 6:12p Main presentation(s)

• 6:40p NZGDA Announcements + Open Mic

• 7:00p finish

We try to keep the presentations as short as possible so we can move to the Progress Bar as soon as possible. For that reason the presenters often have some sort of demonstration at the Progress Bar or are at least available for further discussion around their talk topic.


Typically run straight after the AKLgamedev Talks, the AKLgamedev Progress Bar is the more playful part of the evening involving networking and showcasing work-in-progress games.

Check out the AKLgamedev Progress Bar promo video (https://youtu.be/HrwhkoQCngo).

This is a public event that anyone can attend. It is especially useful for both those wanting to become a game developer and small startup game developers that want to test out their game and build a community around their product.

It is also a platform for networking, recruitment, knowledge share, celebration, job hunting and socializing.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to bring along their current work in progress – or released – games, to show at the event. We have limited equipment that you can book. For more information, you can visit this AKLgamedev Meetup Contributors Guide (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1flJivmd6b2Lno_rX4aIns254x8uaEGCNr7l84iH_yA8/pub) under the heading ‘Progress Bar (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1flJivmd6b2Lno_rX4aIns254x8uaEGCNr7l84iH_yA8/pub#h.ks0d4yyjjl5p)'.

There is also free food and non-alcoholic drink and, depending on the theme of the event, sometimes a cash bar.

We're organised by Ben Kenobi (https://www.aut.ac.nz/profiles/ben-tuhoe-kenobi2) and friends, sponsored by AUT University (https://www.aut.ac.nz/study/study-options/creative-technologies/research/pigsty-play-interactivity-and-games-lab) and endorsed by the NZ Game Developers Association (http://www.nzgda.com) and the Colab (http://colab.aut.ac.nz/) PIGsty (https://plus.google.com/110273565943022634027/about).

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MARCH #AKLGAMEDEV MEETUP - Different Perspectives on Music in Games

LOCATION: We are located at GridAKL ( https://gridakl.com/ ) John Lysaght Building 101 Pakenham Street West · Auckland DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE ON MUSIC IN GAMES: A former programmer, Matthew Bently traded his coding notches for a pair of headphones and a DJ Mixer :D Now working as a sound engineer for games, he plans to share his experience in the industry and comment on common musical tropes/genres in games and hopefully open your mind the next time you listen to that favourite game soundtrack that you listen to. DETAILS: 5:50 pm Doors open 6:00 pm Different Perspectives on Music in Games 7:00 pm Open Microphone / Announcements 7:10 pm Progress Bar ANNOUNCEMENTS: The NZGDA and friends will have announcements at the end of the session. If you have an announcement please fill out this form ( https://forms.gle/jUrdPMGSkNRBr3BEA ). PROGRESS BAR: If you have an unfinished game, or art, or anything else you'd like to share bring it along for people to play so you can get some ideas for where to go with your designs next. We encourage studios to send along recruiters and budding game developers to bring along their work to show and CVs. If you want to request a screen or table please fill out this form ( https://forms.gle/jUrdPMGSkNRBr3BEA ). It's the same form as above, or come along as we may have spare tables for you to use. SPONSORS: A big thanks to GridAkl ( https://gridakl.com/ ) for hosting us and the NZGDA (www.nzgda.com).

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