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This group meets weekly to study Spiritism, a spiritualistic philosophy and religion codified in the 19th century by Allan Kardec to investigate "the nature, origin, and destiny of spirits, and their relation with the physical world".

Anyone who is interested in exploring new frontiers in their spiritual growth and want to put it into practice on social service activities is welcome to join us.

For more info visit our web site: http://www.akssma.com

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Planetary Transition with Haroldo Dutra Dias

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We are on the threshold of the great transition, when our planet will go from being a world of trials and expiations to one of regeneration. This transition has been part of the heavenly plan for a long time; thus, it will not occur in an obvious manner, overnight, as if by magic, but as a slow, gradual, yet undelayable transformation. Haroldo Dutra Dias Haroldo Dutra Dias is a judge of the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais, writer, translator, lecturer and an active disseminator of Spiritism. He studied classical Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and French and he is the author of a translation of the New Testament into Portuguese, originally edited by the International Spiritist Council in 2010. ---- LIVE This lecture will be streamed live in Portuguese in our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AKSSMA/live/ English Interpretation will be available via ZOOM.

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Marcelo Netto - Jesus: Yesterday, Today, and Always!

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