What we're about

Do you want to create the best life possible? If so then this is the group for you,

Would you like to

Learn how to create miracles on a daily basis.

Meet like minded people!

Over the past years this group has experienced many different changes in each other's lives. We have seen our members find their life purpose, find their soul mates and get married, one member joined when she had just been dumped and was heartbroken. Today she is happily married with a new baby.

One member manifested a trip to hawaii. This happened in one month for he was quite skeptical about it - but asked anyway. Next month he came back and told us he was leaving in 3 months

One member got over 17 thousand dollars by a series of miraculous events.

We have seen people overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

So many miraculous things have happened we could write our book of miracles!

The universe loves you.

The universe supports you.

There is a divine plan of goodness for your life: in work, play, relationships and in your dreams

Your job is EASY



Act on the inner promptings you receive

Allow. Sit back and let the universe deliver the miracles....

Our Format Each meeting starts with a brief introduction and it is designed to give you practical ways to improve the quality of your life. Sharing, questions and discussion. A RSVP before hand is appreciated. We welcome you with loving arms The same format applies to day time meet-ups. Come manifest the life of your dreams...yes its possible. .

We welcome you with open arms whether you are in crisis, curious or have wonderful stories you want to share

Namaste Jeanine

Remember, there is more to come...it is just around the bend and down the road a bit!

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