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This group was created in 2010 to give people the chance to experience Chinatown from an insider's perspective. This is not your typical dining out group. You've probably never had dishes like these before. So we'll teach you what the names of the dishes are, how to order it and what's the best ways to eat each dish. We are looking to provide a truly authentic dining experience. No General Tso or sweet and sour chicken here!

I myself am a first generation Taiwanese American fluent in Mandarin Chinese. I've lived in Philadelphia for over a decade and I've even lived in Chinatown. I also have the added advantage of being someone who has worked as a chef. So, I'll even be sharing with you how these dishes are made. So, come join my friends and I as we take you on a tour of the best and most authentic Asian restaurants in Chinatown and beyond.

Come discover what I already have through years of dining and tasting. Come try all of my favorites as we order dishes from menus you may never have seen at a restaurant you otherwise would never have gone to.

We are looking for the adventurous and those that seek food that's simply delicious. From my own personal favorite Cantonese style dishes like Sa Jiang Ji, Jiao Yen San Bao, Ban Lan Bao to my favorite Sichuan dishes like Sui Zu Yu, Kou Sui Ji we'll try it all. Don't know what these dishes are? Then come and learn it and try it!

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