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This group is designed to help facilitate outings into and around Glacier National Park. Recommended activities include Backpacking, Hiking, Climbing (Peak Bagging), Snowshoeing, Skiing, Rafting, Wildlife Viewing etc...

*2020 is a challenging year. Stay tuned to see if we can get hikes scheduled again*

All levels of adventure are encouraged, and events will be summarized in terms of difficulty, physical demand, gear required, etc. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to see you are fit enough, experienced enough, skilled enough, and otherwise adequately equipped to handle any outing in which you participate. IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED OR CAPABLE OF PARTICIPATING IN AN ADVENTURE YOU WILL PUT YOURSELF AT RISK, burden the other participants, and you WON'T have a good time.

NO SHOWS: Things come up, we get it. However, there always seem to be people failing to show up. Keep in mind that many events have limited numbers of participants and when you sign up that may mean someone else doesn't get to go. And when you bail out at the last minute that prevents someone else from assuming the open spot. Event organizers are kindly waiting for you to show up at the meeting times so, please be courteous and 1. Don't sign up if you aren't sure you can make it, 2. Advise the event organizer as far in advance as possible if there is a possibility you cannot make it.

STEWARDSHIP: I assume everyone here wants to recreate in the park because they enjoy the abundance of wilderness wonders to be found. As visitation continues to increase so does damage to natural resources and there seems to be a sort of cheapening of the wilderness experience from many visitors. I ask that we, as a group take action to protect the park as best we can: Pick up garbage on the trail, kindly educate those who break rules such as picking flowers or getting too close to wildlife, practice leave no trace, and leave the park better than you found it. Think of it as charitable giving without the financial component :)

"Social media have a bigger impact on wild places than you might think. Behaviors, that alone have very little impact on the environment, are spread and amplified on social media. Encourage positive behavior! Posting about conservation, leave no trace, and safety helps spread and support the mission of the National Park Service. If you tag us #ProtectGlacier on a post about conservation, leave no trace, or safety we might feature you. Negative behavior in a National Park is not great. But promoting negative behavior on social media is much worse! Please don't approach wildlife and extra please don't post pictures that encourage others to do so!" GNP Website

LIABILITY: Organizers and trip leaders have experience in the outdoors but are not certified guides, outdoor professionals, or experts in any given capacity. They are just people who enjoy the outdoors and invite you along to enjoy it with them. They make no guarantee of your safety and you accept all responsibility for your own safety. If you have questions about your safe participation in an activity please contact the event organizer with your questions in advance. Organizers/trip leaders reserve the right to refuse a member's participation in an activity if they feel it is best to do so for any reason.

And finally please consider donating a small amount to the group. It costs $25/month to have this meetup page and if everyone gives a few bucks it minimizes the financial burden on me (Chris).

Thank you on behalf of the flora and fauna of Glacier National Park, the Crown of the Continent.

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