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What we’re about

Hey there!

This remote-only group is intended for folks who want to break into tech and those who want to support and tutor.

Let's talk about everything web! Any questions regarding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are welcome! React and full-stack web development questions are fine as well. Let's keep it at a beginner's level.

Who is this group for?
Are you trying to break into tech? Are you currently doing a bootcamp, self-study, or are you in any kind of school/college/university? Then this group is for you!

Who are the other participants?
Most participants of this group are participating in a free bootcamp called 100Devs. The tutoring sessions evolved out of coffee chats and slowly developed into a weekly meetup. People started bringing their friends, and others found us via

What is within the scope of this meetup?
Let's keep it technical! Every meeting will start and close with some casual small talk where all questions and networking are welcome. However, this meetup is supposed to be about tech tutoring. Questions about HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Node, Express, Databases, and relevant CS theory are welcome!

Where? This meetup is remote only!

When? Whenever we have time and see fit. I aim to make it a bi-weekly or weekly event!

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