What we're about

We are one of Brisbane's biggest Meetup group for a few good reasons!

We are...BUSY! We have lots of new, interesting and varied fun events all over Brisbane, happening on a very frequent basis! Some will be daggy, some will be classy, but there will always be laughs!

We are...ALL STRANGERS for the first few minutes and then ends up with new friends.

We are...DIVERSE! From meals and drinks to wine tastings and whale watching tours (not at the same time unfortunately:) Nights out, days out, comedy nights, sporting events, parties, picnics, outdoor pursuits, concerts, theatres, classes.. the list goes on and on and it's increasing all the time

We do not have too many organisers scattered everywhere, with you not knowing who to talk to at any given event, and although I obviously can't be at every single event (most though!) I am fully accessible via email to answer any questions, queries, suggestions, that you may have. This is such a lovely group with some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

This group used to be for singles who were the third wheel in a midst of all their coupled friends, but we've expanded and evolved way beyond that, it's all about the people and the friendships we build. We're definitely NOT a dating/exclusively singles group (we've even had a recent engagement with a couple who met through this group!)

If you're single, divorced, separated, in a couple, it's complicated, with or without kids, loud, quiet, have two heads, shortsighted, don't like chocolate, have green skin even! We'd love to see you come along to events and have you a part of the group!

So, if you're up for laughs with fellow "Brisbanites" for magnificent events, and hopefully some general hilarious and random conversation with good times, we hope to see you soon!

Please help me and make this 'our' group and contact me with any suggestions for drinks/events/outings etc that you'd like to do.

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