allWomen talk #3: Metamorphosis 3.0. Humanity in the age of technology

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Welcome to allWomen talks!

Join us for our weekly talk, an intimate discussion that will take place every week in our academy. And in which we will be discussing about technology, diversity, AI, UX, Product Management and learn from amazing female experts every week.


For the #3 edition we will host Cecilia Mosze Tham, Social Technologist @ Alpha Telefonica / Board of Advisor at city of Barcelona / Founder of MOB, FabCafe and allWomen.

In a talk titled: "Metamorphosis 3.0. Humanity in the age of technology" we will be speaking about how with the shifting of power and an increase access to resources, how can we as women and as minority, as individuals and as collectives, as communities and as nation states, leverage our ever growing extent of the most advanced technology, to our mindset, our behaviours, our actions and our contribution towards a better planet and a better future?


For women & allies, this is a free event. If you care about technology, diversity and AI this event is for you <3

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