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Hey everyone,

We’re Leo and James! We recently graduated from college in the midst of the pandemic, and we created this Meetup Group, Alohub (aloha-hub) this year because we want people to make friends in the best possible way: in person, through adventurous COVID-safe activities with an awesome community.

In the last few months, we’ve hosted activities from rock climbing and glow-in-the-dark trampoline jumps to museum visits and pottery painting. Every week, we host at least 4-5 quality events.

We have met some incredible people and made great friends through this group, and really hope you enjoy exploring the entirety of Boston along with us! Because we book many adventurous events every week, we created our own user-friendly website, alohub.co (http://www.alohub.co), to sign up for events.

We respect your privacy and time. We created the alohub website because we want you and your friends to have an easy place to find and sign up for all of Boston’s experiences and hobbies (did you know Boston has one of the best fencing centers in the country?). Also, we’re supporting local businesses in Boston which is ~rad~

If you’re interested in making new friends at cool experiences, join us at alohub.co (http://www.alohub.co)!

If you like the sound of Alohub but you’re not sure about our site or have any suggestions, feel free to message us here (Leo Liu, James Pratama): we want to hear your feedback so we can make Alohub a better social experience for all of us during COVID!

Aloha, and see you soon.


Leo & James

[How Do We Socialize Safely?]

If you choose to join one of our in-person activities, please wear a MASK at all times and stay 6 ft apart from each other. Most of our activities are socially distanced by design, for example, tennis, biking, skiing, etc, and are all ensured to be low risk.

Don't worry, you will still have a great time and meet cool people along the way.

[COVID Guidelines]

Please know that we take COVID-19 guidelines very seriously and if you violate our guidelines, we will have to remove you from the group and ban you from all future experiences. We want to ensure that we respect and prioritize each member's well being and provide everyone with a safe environment and an inclusive community.

The purpose of this group is NOT to encourage people to undermine COVID-19 but to provide everyone with COVID-friendly activities that we can all enjoy.

If you find yourself sick, suspect you might be sick or have engaged in high-risk events without safety precautions, please STAY HOME and do NOT come to our in-person events. We hope you feel better and feel free to join our virtual events!

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