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The new and improved London ExpressionEngine Meetup Group.

Over the past few years the EE community has to some degrees gone in various different directions. Many now use CraftCMS, some use Statamic, and many use other alternate system. Then there's us who still frequently use ExpressionEngine and miss the community spirit from its heyday.

altcms. is a group for people who design and develop with alternative CMS. What do we mean by alternative CMS? CMS like ExpressionEngine, Craft, Statamic, Perch. It's kind of the "not Wordpress meetup", but of course Wordpress folks are welcome to join in the conversation.

Each event sets out to be a platform for our members to share knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for their CMS. To share the pros and cons of different CMS and learn from each other s owe all become better developers.

Sometimes we have presentations and show-and-tells, but if we don't have anything specific the format is a relaxed chat in a pub where there's no set agenda.

This event is organised by The Rye Agency in Hastings, East Sussex and hosted in London. We choose venues that are hopefully easily accessible by the majority of those in the South East of England - normally in North London near St Pancras.


Also: huge kudos to John D. Wells who has been organising the London EE Group for some time. He's great, and will keep being part of this community.

(If you'd like to hear what Londoneers are talking about online, or join in the conversation between meetups, please use and search the hashtag #londoneers.)

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altcms. #1 - Beyond the website

Bull and Gate

So that was 2015. It's the Christmas Wrap Up Meetup.

The Artisan of Clerkenwell

Summer Social

The Artisan of Clerkenwell

EllisLab is in town. LondonEErs, meet Kevin Cupp

The Bell Pub

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