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It just feels so good to feel good, yes? I am so pleased that you have joined us in your fabulous journey of engaging your POWERFUL MIND and that fantastic instrument - YOUR BODY - to attain to greater and greater MIND-BODY-SPIRIT balance.

For many years I have taught mind/body classes, encouraging people to adopt practices to assist in mind/body/spirit balance. And, happily, many people have actually done so. Many of you may already have practices that assist you in achieving mind/body/spirit balance and happiness. I find that there is no need to teach classes to people who are God-Beings capable of receiving your own inspiration and healing from the Source within. Instead, I would like to belong to an inspired community that encourages one another to maintain balance.

I invite members of this meetup to share your expertise and your gifts with the other members. We have a wealth of healers and practitioners who have achieved balance and connection with Source. Many are already members of a tribe or community that feeds this balanced part of us. Mind-Body Health meetup is another place for us to share our gifts to folks across a broad range of modalities and disciplines. So, whether you are coming to learn about healing, you are seeking healing, or you would like to share healing, you are welcome.

If you have something you would like to present, let me know. I would be most interested in learning about you and what you know about mind/body/spirit balance.

Jonathan Logan
Portland, Oregon

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