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Amplify Your Influence is a community for Passionate Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners.

It is designed for people who want to attract more ideal clients, accelerate their results, and have fun doing it!

Mastering your ability to influence is key in being effective in your business and relationships.

The group is run by Business Coach & Mentor, Kat Millar. She offers inspiration, education and support to help coaches, trainers and service-based business owners be the best they can be and help others do the same.

The events are packed with valuable, up-to-date content and how-to action tips and are also a great opportunity for business networking.

Each Meetup has a different topic on effective influence - such as marketing, online content, social media, automation hacks, running successful events, webinars, entrepreneurial mindset, and productivity.

Join this inspiring, uplifting community, gain clarity and support and reconnect with what is most meaningful to you in business.

We'd love you to join our Meetup!

Kat Millar
Owner, Amplify Your Influence

For more information, please visit https://katmillar.com

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Amplify Your Influence Workshop

Suncorp Discovery Store


🌟Hey Sydney Coaches & Service-Based Entrepreneurs 🌟 Do you want to book up your calendar with your ideal clients so you can help more people and make more money? Many people tell me that they struggle to know where to invest their time, money and efforts... * Facebook ads? * Instagram? * LinkedIn? * Video? * Blog posts? * Marketing funnels? Entrepreneurs are spending loads of time online, but it's not always leading to paid clients. I totally get it. I used to spend heaps of time and effort on all sorts of different marketing methods. But I still wasn't getting clients. I didn't have an effective client-attraction strategy that was ideal for my type of business. After a lot of trial and error, I finally discovered that there is a better way to do it - an easier, more streamlined, consistent way. And it changed everything for my business. 🌟 People started reaching out to me consistently. NO chasing people (they were chasing me!) 🌟 I started attracting dozens of my ideal clients, effortlessly - even while I was on holiday 🌟 I started selling-out my workshops and programs (and had a waiting list) And now you can use these exact steps to finally get more engagement, grow your following and sign-up new clients. I created a powerful strategy that can help you to attract your ideal clients, WITHOUT the confusion or overwhelm. And my clients get results. The good news is, I'm sharing this strategy in DEPTH and showing you EXACTLY how to apply it in this 1-day course coming up in Sydney. You'll walk away knowing exactly what to do to finally find your ideal clients... people who are willing to pay you what you're worth! THIS IS FOR YOU IF... 🌟You're a Coach, Trainer, or Service-based Business Owner 🌟You want to get paid more to help more people 🌟 You want a clear strategy to find your ideal clients that works, consistently WHAT YOU'LL LEARN AT THIS POWERFUL 1-DAY WORKSHOP & ACTION DAY 👉Advanced influence strategies to help you turn your free sessions into paying clients 👉 A step-by-step client-attraction formula to attract a consistent stream of your ideal clients 👉 How to create effective social media post to grow your following and magnetise the right people 👉 The best ways to create content that connects with your followers and turns them into paying clients 👉 Low-cost marketing strategies that create big results (that most of your competitors aren't doing!) 👉 How to make your offers stand out online in the crowded market (even if you suck at technology) PLUS: You'll get: * A comprehensive booklet to work through 📒 * Plenty of networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs * Snacks + hot and cold drinks throughout the day ☕️ In this workshop, you'll learn the easy way to get clients, WITHOUT sacrificing your sleep, social life or sanity! 🌟Productivity... GUARANTEED You will experience a highly informative and productive day, packed with the most relevant and effective client attraction strategies for your business... or you pay nothing! 🌟Powerful, Effective Strategies The most effective marketing strategies, to help you simply and enjoyably reach your ideal clients, even if you're just starting out... or you feel you suck at technology! 🌟More Life, Less Work Everything you'll learn is focused on helping you build a more automated, lifestyle-friendly, profitable business... one of the main reasons we have our own business right?! :-) Spaces are strictly limited to 10 people for intimate, personalised support. Valued at $197 Earlybird only $97 until July 21st. Secure your seat now: https://register.katmillar.com/amplify-your-influence-workshop-august

How To Sell Your Services With Ease - Free Meetup

Suncorp Discovery Store

Does the thought of selling make you want to curl up in a ball? Do you avoid sales conversations because: * You don't want to come across as annoying? * You're not fully confident in sharing your services? * You don't know the best way to ask for the sale? THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU IF... - You're a Coach, Trainer, Educator or Service-based Business Owner - You really want to help more people and make more money - You want a clear strategy for selling authentically If you're like most business owners, you have so much to offer ... enormous value! Yet, if you don't like sales and don't invest time into improving the skill of it ... your business suffers. Sales are the lifeblood of your business. If you don't sell effectively, your business doesn't make money (and a business that doesn't make money is just a hobby). If you want to help more people, then mastering the skill of selling is crucial. Which is why I created the 'How To Sell Your Services With Ease' Meetup. You'll learn a way of selling that is fully authentic, enjoyable and aligned with who you are. I've been trained using some of the best sales systems in the world, with companies such as Les Mills and personally generated over $1 million in sales. Achieving success in authentic sales is about understanding at a deep level how to best serve people and help them get what they want. The skill of selling is something you can learn, develop and even enjoy - even if you currently fear it or don't like it. You'll take home a simple, step-by-step formula that will show you how to sign up your ideal clients. With an effective strategy, you will be amazed at how natural you become at making money and helping people - and how effortless it can be! I've owned and run successful businesses since 2003 in 3 countries. I've been trained using some of the best sales systems in the world, with companies such as Les Mills and I've personally generated over $1 million in sales. And now I want to share the best strategies with you. YOU'LL LEARN: * How to start and end a sales conversation in an authentic, genuine way * How to avoid sounding nervous, pushy or annoying * How to establish trust and connection from start to finish and feel natural and relaxed * How to overcome objections ... such as "I don't have time" or "I can't afford it" * The ability to build genuine, authentic rapport and a powerful connection with any type of person WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: “Fantastic! Kat presented a great session with lots of valuable content designed to create practical results in getting started. I’m ready to go!” – Leah Robinson “10/10 delivery, very engaging and presented well! I will be attending more events of yours in the future. Thank you!!” – Dale Williams “Great concise info linking strategies to desired outcomes – cut through the fog” – Paul Harper "So much relevant content – so generous, broken down really well. Such good delivery” – Renee Scifo “I really enjoyed it. I got great ideas and many AHA moments. Thank you Kat” – Ruslan Kasirskij Spaces strictly limited and fill up fast. Secure your seat now, so you don't miss out! Learn More: http://bit.ly/selling-with-ease

How To Attract Your Ideal Clients - 1-Day Workshop

Suncorp Discovery Store


Hey passionate difference-maker, Do you want to know the easy way to get clients, EVEN IF you're just starting out? Do you want to know, with CERTAINTY, how to create a profitable business? So you can make a deeper impact with your message... Create the income you deserve... And position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche? Well, I have good news for you :-) Let me tell you why... But first, you NEED to hear this. ALL the enthusiastic, positive, grateful clients imaginable are out there right now, ready and waiting for you. All you need is a proven system to attract them into your business. If you’re unhappy with the money you’re earning, you HAVEN'T applied the right system yet. I know you're super passionate about what you do, and you have a genius zone that others need... but you don't have enough clients to deliver your skills to. A few years back, I was struggling to get enough clients in my business. I consumed looooads of books, seminars and information about sales, marketing, mindset, presenting and wealth-creation... but I was still broke! I was 'busy', but I still didn't know how to find my ideal clients and convert them into paying customers. I was wasting time and feeling exhausted, because I was missing ONE important part... A simple strategy to sign up new clients - fast! (without cold-calling or spending a fortune on ads) At my upcoming workshop, I'm sharing a rarely-utilised strategy that will be your new secret client-getting advantage. This strategy allowed me to: * Attract dozens of my ideal clients - even while I was on holiday * Have a profitable business, earning consistent five-figure months * Go full-time in my business * Help my clients get results (like Aimee who went from $800 per week to over $4,000 per week in sales!) THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU IF... 🌟You're a Coach, Trainer, or Service-based Business Owner 🌟You want to get paid more to help more people 🌟You want a clear strategy to find your ideal clients that works, consistently YOU'LL LEARN: ✔️How to get crystal clear on your ideal target market and show them exactly how you can help them ✔️ A 5-step Client-attraction Formula - the exact steps to attract a consistent stream of your ideal clients ✔️ Low-cost marketing strategies that create big results (that most of your competitors aren't doing!) ✔️The 3 M's that can transform your business, instantly ✔️ How to automate the most important aspects of your business, simple hacks to get your time back YOU'LL GET: 👉Fun-filled learning about the business growth strategies that are working best in 2019 👉A comprehensive workbook to work through 👉️Snacks + hot and cold drinks throughout the day 👉Your most burning questions answered 👉Quality, valuable feedback to help you in your business 👉Networking opportunities with like-minded passionate entrepreneurs Spaces strictly limited. Secure your seat now, so you don't miss out. Grab the special earlybird offer before Aug 3rd. 👉https://register.katmillar.com/how-to-attract-your-ideal-clients I can't wait to see you there! Kat

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