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Hi Noders,

The Amsterdam Node Meetup will be back the 16th of December! This time at the office of IceMobile in Amsterdam.

16th December talks:

- Hongli Lai (Phusion): Phusion Passenger is an app server for Node.js, Ruby and Python. It simplifies deployment and administration, increases your server's efficiency and helps identifying and solving problems.

In this talk we'll demonstrate how Passenger simplifies things by integrating with Nginx and by replacing Forever, PM2, Cluster and all sorts of other tools. We'll also look into what other benefits Passenger has to offer, and what you can expect from future developments.

- Luca Maraschi (IceMobile): NaN is a Number and (0.1 + 0.2 === 0.3) is not true!JS, and so node.js, are infamous for their number’s management, but are we all right about this? Do we know where this come from? Is it fixable? Can we?

An historical odyssey (excursus) from the origin of floating point calculation till modern languages, which will take us analysing the real business value of IEEE754 and floating point precision, with real case scenarios and their resolution in production.

Next to the two talks there will be beers, snacks and a Q&A.