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Hey Scala fans!

Age Mooij and André van Delft will be presenting at the Scala eXchange ( in London this December and we will have an exclusive preview!

Age will be presenting Beyond URL Matching: Mastering the Spray/Akka-Http Routing DSL:

Spray, and especially the spray-routing DSL, is a very powerful tool for building high-performance REST APIs. But how powerful? And how do you use it to build real-world applications that go beyond the basic examples?
Age will show you lots of examples of real-life spray-routing application code, including many built-in directives, custom directives, using futures and actors, custom (un)marshalling, etc. Examples will be illustrated with code and unit tests. Slides will be kept to a minimum.

André will be presenting Reactive Programming with Algebra:

R&D on reactive programming is growing and this has delivered many language constructs, libraries and tools. Scala programmers can use threads, timers, actors, futures, promises, observables, the async construct, and others. Reactive programming is relatively hard, and confidence in correct operation depends mainly on extensive testing. The Algebra of Communicating Processes (ACP) has a potential to improve this: it lets one concisely specify event handling and concurrency, and it facilitates reasoning about parallel systems.
Andre will explain an ACP-based extension to Scala named SubScript. He will show how it helps describing the internal behavior of Akka actors, and how it combines with futures.


• 18:30 Food

• 19:00 Beyond URL Matching: Mastering the Spray/Akka-Http Routing DSL (Age Mooij)

• 20:00 Break

• 20:15 Reactive Programming with Algebra (André van Delft)

• 21:30 End

See you there!