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Haarlemmerweg 506-520 · Amsterdam

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Hey Guys!

It's time for some talks again!

Coral: An Web API for Resiliant and Distributed Streaming Computing based on Akka, Cassandra and Spark - Natalino Busà

In this talk, after providing a brief introduction of the streaming computing landscape, we describe a RESTful API called “Coral” meant to design and deploy customized and flexible data flows. The user can compose a data flow for a number of data streaming goals such as on-the-fly data clustering and classifiers, streaming analytics, per-event predictive analysis , real time recommenders. Once the events are processed, Coral passes the resulting analysis as actionable events for alerting, messaging or further processing to other systems. Coral is a flexible and generic event processing platform to transform streaming data into actionable events via a RESTful API. Those data flows are defined via the Web API by connecting together basic streaming processing elements named “coral actors”. The Coral framework manages those coral actors on a distributed and scalable architecture.

Link to Code Base:

Scala Magic: Desugaring your Reality - Joost Heijkoop

Solutions in Scala can often be expressed in more ways then one and Scala provides a lot of convenient ways to express common patterns/solutions with very concise syntax. You might take this for granted and you might not always know that it is just sugar.
During this talk we will explore constructs like for comprehensions, case classes and more. We will look what the Scala parser actually makes of it.


• 19:00 Food & Drinks

• 19:30 Coral

• 20:30 Scala Magic

• 21:30 Chats