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Hey Guys!

We have a special treat for you this November! We have two great speakers who have come over to the Netherlands just for us!

We have Roland Kuhn, the lead of the Akka team and Chris Birchall, developer at the Guardian.

Project Gålbma: Actors vs. Types - Roland Kuhn

The Actor Model describes precisely what it means for computation to be distributed: encapsulated and isolated behaviors process messages that are sent asynchronously between them. Akka’s implementation of this model has been widely successful, but for a long time it had the restriction that Actor interactions were not statically type-checked. With the addition of the akka-typed module we have finally found a formulation that brings Actor messaging to the same type-safety as normal method invocation—if not beyond—while being simple and intuitive. In this presentation we will look at why this addition has taken so long, how it works, and what we can express with it.

Actor-skeptics beware: this may shift your world-view!

Roland Kuhn is leading the Akka ( project at Typesafe (, a co-author of the Reactive Manifesto ( and the book Reactive Design Patterns (, co-teaching the Coursera course “Principles of Reactive Programming (” and a passionate open-source hakker. He also holds a PhD in particle physics and has worked in the space industry for several years. See also (

A deep dive into scalac - Chris Birchall

Ever since Chris heard the rumour that compilation involved 27 phases, he has kept his distance from scalac, telling himself that people smarter than him were taking care of it. But it's time to stop living in ignorance and fear. Let's tame the compiler!

Chris will first walk through what the compiler actually does to turn your Scala source files into Java bytecode, looking at some of those infamous phases along the way. Then he'll look at how the codebase is structured, and how you can extend its functionality using plugins. Finally there will be a live-coding demo showing how easy it is to start hacking on the compiler.

Chris ( is a senior software developer ( at the Guardian (, working on the Content API and other backend services. He is the author of the ScalaCache library. He has been using Scala for work and play since 2010.


• 18:30 Food

• 19:00 Project Gålbma: Actors v.s. Types

• 20:00 Break

• 20:30 A deep dive into scalac

• 21:30 Wrap up