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Hey Guys!

It's time for the last Talks & Drinks of 2016. We have two great talks coming up for you. Once again we are hosting in the beautiful location of Cupenya and Xebia will provide us with good food!

How to write maintainable Scala code - Peter Hilton

Naming and tests versus comments and documentation

Scala’s biggest problem isn’t adoption any more, it’s unmaintainable code. The core of maintainable code is clean code with good tests, but that by itself is not enough. This talk introduces a range of techniques for writing and improving code for maintainability, including how to get better at naming, explaining code with tests, the few code comments you actually need, README-driven development and how to write Minimum Viable Documentation.

After the excitement of early adoption, and the joy of coding among experts comes the horror of your first Scala maintenance project. As Jean-Paul Sartre said*, ‘Hell is other people’s code’. Whether you are a new Scala developer or an experienced team lead, your future developer experience and happiness depends on maintainable code.

Building a generic JSON [de]serializer for AWS Lambda - Mike Kotsur

"As a user I want to have a convenient way to run Scala code on AWS Lambda" and "I know some typelevel programming tricks, and I'd like to apply them in practice (and learn more while applying them)". These were the main reasons for a small library `aws-lambda-scala` to see the world. It piggybacks on Circe, yet needs to solve lots of other problems besides JSON conversions.

We'll get familiar with the bare minimum of AWS Lambda concepts, just enough to understand the domain. Then Mike, who is still a beginner in typelevel world, will guide you step by step through the process of adding "features" and making implementation decisions.

We'll hear about some quirks of Scala/Java integration, type classes, type constructors and see usages of Cats and Shapeless.


• 18:30 Food

• 19:00 How to write maintainable Scala code

• 20:00 Break

• 20:30 Building a generic JSON [de]serializer for AWS Lambda

• 21:30 Wrap up