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NE ABQ - Battlegames at Taylor Park
Free swordfighting and roleplay in the park.

Taylor Park

Indian School Rd NE & Pennsylvania St NE · Albuquerque, NM

What we're about

Amtgard is a fantasy based live role playing organization with a large focus on medieval combat. All of our weapons are safe, foam-padded, replicas of swords, daggers, arrows, and other medieval weapons. In addition to the fighting, we strive to better ourselves in creating new pieces of costume, armor, music, and art.

Each weekend we hold battlegames around the state for fun and practice. There are also several camping events that take place each year. These events can attract hundreds of people to battle, socialize, camp out, and have a good time. Chapters also hold feasts every 3 months to honor our leaders and members that make this game a fun place to be on weekends.

Much like Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games there are different classes to choose from. Each class has it's own special abilities and limitations, increasing in power as you gain experience. The abilities of your class can sometimes be the only thing keeping you alive versus a more skilled opponent or a horde of newbie warriors.

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