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What we’re about

This is a space for anyone on the path of spiritual awakening. We give context and language and support for anyone who is ready live life in the broadest way possible. In this group, we can help you accelerate your progress or offer assistance for those who may feel stuck and need advice on how to get moving again. We employ Meditation, Breathwork, and teachings old and new from every culture on the planet.

For those seeking to accelerate their growth, please check out the Anatomy of Enlightenment below.

Anatomy of Enlightenment; A course in awakening:
Make Awakening, Enlightenment and Consciousness your personal reality. Connect and expand with direct learning, breathwork, deep meditation and personal experience.

This is your opportunity to accelerate spiritual growth:
In this Eight-Week intensive you will go deep into real questions and return with answers. We will provide and nurture a space for awakening using your own intuition and inner guides, ancient texts, modern advances, meditation, breathwork and other tools to bring greater understanding to this human experience.

Weekend Practical:
A paradigm shifts needs a trigger. We can talk endlessly, but experience makes it real to you. After 5 sessions of preparation, we employ the added assistance of nature by utilizing a (legal) substance or shamanic journeying to deepen your experience.

After your weekend intensive, we gather for two more sessions to integrate learning and experience.

After completing the eight-week intensive you may join other AOE alumni for ongoing growth and support.

8-Week intensive: Seven 2-hour evening sessions and one 6-hour weekend practical; $500. $20 drop in after 8 week intensive. Optional additional weekend practicals can be scheduled.