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Introduction to Khemitology - Egyptology according to the Indigenous Elders
Joanna Bristow-Watkins will be hosting the meeting and will give an overview of Khemitian (Ancient Egyptian) Deities, featuring the Ennead plus some key others. We will be introduced to the authentic Khemitian names for the Deities, which brings significantly more energy. For more about Joanna see her Harmony Healing ( website **** Attendees to our 27th November Meet-up will also get a mini aura reading from Joanna to ascertain their priority at that time. There will also be an opportunity to get to know each other. If you would rather pay cash on the day (£20 per head), you will need to email Joanna or contact via Meet-up to as the room is suitable for up to 10 people maximum. Last minute bookings on the day can be made by texting Joanna on[masked] and payment can be made by cash at the venue, but space cannot be guaranteed.

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What we're about

These meetings are run by Joanna Bristow-Watkins; a professional healer specialising in practising and teaching Reyad Sekh Em Egyptian Alchemy Healing. She is a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and has been teaching healing since 1999.

Joanna believes that our predecessors saw Angels and Deities (both Goddesses and Gods) as manifestations of Nature. For more about her background, see About Joanna on her Harmony Healing website. (

This Meetup is dedicated to helping us align more closely with nature through various celestial intermediaries.

We have recently amended the Meetup name to allow for the discussion and demonstration of other complementary wellbeing 'tools' which help to connect us to nature, such as alchemy, crystals, sound, breathwork, essential oils, networking, sharing and talking therapies. Joanna believes that a portfolio of approaches allows for a more flexible and personalised toolkit for members to improve their wellbeing from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Joanna is an authority on Ancient Egyptian Alchemy. As many of you may know, Ancient Egypt was known to the local inhabitants as Khem (or Khemit/Khemet), so Joanna favours the description 'Khemitian Deities'.

Interestingly, the Khemitian names for their Deities was Neter/Ntr (spelled either way 'phonetically' as heiroglyphs did not include vowels) with the plural being Neteru. Joanna believes that our word nature is derived from this.

There will be some scheduled meetings to discuss Khemitian Deities as well as Celtic/Pagan/Gaelic Goddesses particularly those who bless and facilitate working with landscapes in the UK and abroad. We will also look at Chris Street's Sacred Geometry of London, the local leylines and working with the Goddess of London and Elen of the Ways. So it is Joanna's intention to invite specialists such as Chris Street and Caroline Wise to address the group at future meetings.

Joanna is also sister to the UK best-selling angelology author Angela McGerr (

With regard to angels:

Are you open to the idea of angels but would appreciate another (non-religious) explanation on who/what they are? This group discusses how they might just be envisaged as high frequency light beings.

Furthermore, if you are one of many practitioners who is unable to see them, Joanna will explain how that very frustration led her sister Angela McGerr (yes she was named Angela at birth!) to create a 21st Century approach to angelology including a way of invoking angels feeling them around you. Angela is now a UK best seller in this niche market (almost one million copies sold), with 10 published books on angelology.

Angela will not be at these meet-up events in person (unless we announce otherwise), but here is You Tube clip of Angela showing how to call in angels: -

Join us to meet other local people who believe in Angels and Goddesses and who are interested in learning how to use the Angelic Energies to empower all areas of life.

Image below of the Elemental Angel for Water - Phuel - is by Richard Rockwood and is taken from Angela McGerr's Harmony Angel Cards (now out of print, but we have a few signed collectible copies available at the online Harmony Shop (

Joanna is also acquainted with other British angel authorities including Joylina Goodings and Daisy Foss. Whilst Joanna is most familiar with Angela's philosophies on angels, it is her view that as angelology is not an exact science (or indeed an art), there is room for lots of interpretations in this field.

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