What we're about

It's time to do life and business different.

Let's get back to the ways of trusting ourselves, making decisions based on what feels right and letting our bodies and intuition guide us. It's time to do things how you want to do to them.

I've created a safe space to sort out and sift through what is no longer serving you so you can begin step into the fullest and whole version of who you are.

I yearn for others to feel liberated, heard, supported and excited about their life and business. To see more smiles and joy on the faces of others, to help them find their motivation again, have direction and a fresh start to reach their own life of success. . . whatever that might look like.

It's time to be who we are, do what we came to do during this lifetime and shine. It's time to stand in our truth, release what is holding us back and feel better.

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Energy Share + Smudging Bundle Event

The Create-It Studio

Please sign up by October 30th so we can be completely prepared. During this gathering we’ll invite play and creativity while welcoming energy to relieve stress with Reiki Master Angie Fisher. Reiki is a Japanense technique that gives attention to your whole person including mind, body and emotions. It can create space for one to let go of guilt and anxiety while inviting relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. As a group each guest will create their own smudge bundle that includes a crystal stone charged with their unique intention, two Palo Santo sticks and dried Russian Sage flowers. Together we will explore: - Receiving non-physical energy through Reiki. No experience needed. - Clearing energy fields and environments with Palo Santo wood. - How to clear and charge a crystal stone Optional items to bring with you: - Crystal stones - An item that is special to you - A blanket or pillow - Water - A mug for warm tea

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