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What we will discuss in the event?

Talk 1:

"Diving deeper into Angular Router.." by Nishu

Nishu is first Female GDE for Angular from India. She is also an author of book on Angular and she works for IBM.

She will deep dive into Angular router and share her knowledge with us with quick handson. Don't miss the talk!

Talk 2:

"Best practices in Angular" by Gugan

Gugan is a Senior Frontend Dev, Remote speaker, Tech writer at Angular-in-Depth, OSS contributor and Amateur Musician.

He will talk about best practices in Angular, better folder structure, effective use of RxJs and couple architecture related tips & tricks.

Who can attend?

Those who already using Angular in work or started learning Angular will find this event very helpful. If you are new to Angular (Haven't used it before), you are still welcome - Collaborate with the group for great learning.

What you need for the event?


Why do I conduct this event?

As I mentioned in the Angular Raleigh Meetup group, I want to share my knowledge on Angular with developer community and help them.

Event cost - FREE (always & forever)

P.S: Just in case, if you want to brush up on Angular routing, please check here - https://angular.io/guide/router