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What we will discuss in the event?

Talk 1:

"Internationalization with @angular/localize" by Pandiyan

Pandiyan, Experienced Senior Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry, Product based company. Skilled in Angular, C#, and NoSql. Strong engineering professional with a Master of Technology (http://M.Tech.) focused in Software Systems from Birla Institute of Technology and Science.

He will talk about i18n, Internationalization is the process of designing and preparing your app to be usable in different languages.

Localization is the process of translating your internationalized app into specific languages for particular locales.

Talk 2:

"Azure Static Web App - Whats that? " by Srashti

Srashti, Senior Developer at Hvantage Technologies
Have all-around 5 years of experience in application development.
Have knowledge about .NET, SQL Server, Power BI Embedded, Angular.

Organised events under Indore Technical Community, also started a group in Indore for angular lovers #ngIndore

She will walk us through what, how and where of Azure Static Web Apps with a simple demo application built on Angular.

Who can attend?

Those who already using Angular in work or started learning Angular will find this event very helpful. If you are new to Angular (Haven't used it before), you are still welcome - Collaborate with the group for great learning.

What you need for the event?


Why do I conduct this event?

I want to share my knowledge on Angular with developer community and help them with their learning. This online platform also bridges between our Developers from India with International speakers.

Event cost - FREE (always & forever)

Code of conduct:

We follow same code of conduct followed in ng conferences.